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Caregiver agencies sometimes face issues related to the timely delivery of care and adequate tracking of the caregiver. Sometimes the caregiver has other commitments and can’t accept a particular shift the agency has to recruit another caregiver which may cause a later start time.

Yes, the caregiver has to reach the destination on time to clock in for their shift. Real-time updates regarding the caregiver’s location are available to both caregiver, agency and client. You can inform the agency through the app itself if there’s an obstacle arriving on time.

If your current home care management software is EVV compliant, you need not update to the one with features like scheduling. However, you can always update for a better experience.

The caregiver can go through the calendar to learn adequate details about the assigned shifts, open shifts, and scheduled visits daily.

Caregivers can clock-in when they arrive for their scheduled shift and clock out at the end of their shift. They can also mark what tasks are done through the mobile app, browser or web app.

There could be a situation when a caregiver isn’t able to keep their commitment and might miss a shift. The caregiver agency then assigns another caregiver and alerts the client that a new caregiver is scheduled for the shift. The caregiver agency then assigns another caregiver, and alert regarding the same is sent to the clients.

Yes, absolutely. The total hours of care delivery are analyzed automatically, and from such data, the respective salaries are generated.

The duration of each shift depends on the client’s requirements and can vary. The care type is different for each client. Most caregivers work an average of 5 hours.

The caregiver would be eligible for compensation for the extra hours spent during the duty. Moreover, the next schedule could be managed accordingly by informing the agency through the application. The agency could also assign another caregiver for delivering care at the other pre-scheduled destination.

From the Calendar, you can view the schedule of specific clients and caregivers by Day, Week, and Month. The calendar is color-coded to easily indicate Open Shifts, Approved Shifts, No Shows, and Scheduled Shifts.

With the Quick Schedule feature, you can select the client’s name, put in the start and end times of the schedule assigned, and specify the shift type (for instance, 1 hour, 12 hours, Administrative, Assessment, etc.). The caregiver tasks will also be reflected here, and certain ‘preferred caregivers’ will usually be recommended.

You can cut down scheduling time by 70%. This all comes through selecting the caregivers recommended by the portal’s built-in intelligence.

Yes, caregiving agencies could manage shifts and can assign a shift to any caregiver depending on their availability. Furthermore, changes in the shift timings can also be done through the scheduling dashboard.

Yes, the schedule is available for both the caregivers and agencies.

Yes, the calendar view enables you to see the schedules as per your demand.

No, there is no limit for schedules.

Agencies have access to view client’s information, caregiver information and availability, check-ins and check-outs, and more.

Scheduling in CareSmartz360 software helps in managing appointments for caregivers, clients, and agencies. It also provides real-time information about caregiver’s clock-in/out times that helps in tracking whether care is delivered on time or not.

A caregiver can plan their schedule based on the requests made by the clients. The mobile app helps caregivers to quickly view the appointment and schedules of the day along with attending to the task list required by the client. Agencies could track caregivers and can provide the necessary information as the CareSmartz360 home care management software provides a real-time update about the caregiver.

Yes, the caregiver can change their shift and reschedule a visit. Just in case a caregiver isn’t available to visit the client, another caregiver would be scheduled by the agency.

Yes, the caregiver can find directions to reach the desired destination through the CareSmartz360 mobile app.

No, there are no additional charges for any features. Everything is included in the package.

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