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Comprehensive assessments that guide home care

Client intake leads to a client assessment which includes demographic data, required caregiver skill-set/training, and tasks for the caregiver, including companion care, personal care, and transportation needs. A template plan is provided that you can change based on the unique attributes and services that your agency provides.

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Skills & Requirements

Specify caregiver skills and requirements.

Your client may have certain health conditions or dietary needs that the caregiver needs to be able to address. In each client profile, you can specify the attributes that the caregiver needs to best care for that client.

Provide the ideal caregiver for the client

Specifying the client care needs will help the system match the caregiver to the client. Your reputation as a homecare provider is enhanced when your caregivers provide the right level and quality of care.

Specify Caregiver Skills and Requirements - CareSmartz360

Tasks: Companion Care, Personal Care and Transportation Needs

Specify tasks for the caregiver

You can record tasks to be performed by the caregiver, whether companion care, personal care or providing transport. These tasks will be reflected in the caregiver’s mobile app and client’s care plan. This is a very convenient feature that can add a lot of efficiency to your operations.

Specify tasks for the caregivers - CareSmartz360

Care Plan

Assessment is saved as a Care Plan to guide caregivers and client’s family.

Once the assessment is complete, it is saved as a care plan that is available from the client’s profile page and accessible to the caregiver from the portal or the mobile app. The profile may have more than one assessment if there have been changes to the care plan or a formal reassessment. You can view the differences between care plans by using the Variance option.

Export as PDF or Excel

The Care Plan can be exported as PDF or Excel for added convenience if your staff needs a printed copy.

Home Care Planning Software - CareSmartz360

Got a Question?

You can click on the Add Observation button under the saved assessments of a client to start a new assessment for an existing client.

Once a care plan is generated, you can export it as a PDF or Excel file. The PDF should be easily printable.

You can add tasks to each page individually if they are unique to the client. From the Admin settings, you can also add tasks that will appear by default in every assessment.

Yes, the system is integrated with the caregiver mobile app, so you can send an alert to notify the caregiver that a change has taken place.

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