A Smarter Way to Navigate the Complexities of Your Facility Staffing

CareSmartz360 understands the challenges your non-medical facility staffing services face in managing a diverse candidate pool and delivering unparalleled customer support. The operational complexities can be overwhelming, involving the delicate balance of filling critical care roles, addressing individual facility needs, managing schedules at scale, and navigating the intricacies of private pay.

CareSmartz360 is designed to make your life easier. Here's how:

  • Streamlined Operations: Effortlessly manage your pool of caregivers and streamline private pay billing processes.
  • Enhanced Communication: Seamlessly connect with your caregivers and facilities to foster a collaborative and responsive environment.
  • Efficient Workforce Management: Simplify shift planning, making coordination & management a breeze.

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    Your Facility Workforce Scheduled, Informed and Tracked — All in One Place

    Facility Portal

    Your command center for efficient facility staffing

    Centralized Oversight

    Administrators can efficiently ‘track caregiver assignments’, ‘manage incoming requests,’ ‘submit & broadcast schedule requests,’ and ‘monitor schedule updates’ from one central portal.

    The Open Shift Manager

    This allows facilities to efficiently manage open shifts and track all shift requests sent out to caregivers. Facility users can easily assign interested caregivers to open shifts, streamlining the scheduling process.

    Document Verification

    This feature enables facility administrators to review essential documents such as certifications and licenses conveniently to ensure compliance and quality of care.

    Beyond the Portal: Comprehensive Features

    Unlocking facility staffing excellence

    Interactive Schedule Planning

    Streamline your schedule planning with interactive features that cater to your agency and facilities.

    • Direct Schedule Control: Empower facilities with the ability to create and publish open shifts directly, attracting qualified caregivers instantly.
    • Targeted Broadcast: Facility users can manage incoming requests and broadcast schedule requests to suitable caregivers directly from the facility portal, ensuring simplified communication and enhanced scheduling efficiency.
    • Skills & Service Matching: Our system intelligently matches caregiver skills and service types, ensuring that facilities can connect with relevant caregivers.

    Facility Management

    Harness the potential of an intuitive dashboard designed to streamline and simplify every aspect of facility management.

    • Integrated Data Hub & Facility Profiles: Securely manage facility data and create dedicated facility accounts for a comprehensive understanding of their unique needs.
    • Facility Staffing Compliance: Automate caregiver license and certification renewals, track training logs, and ensure adherence to regulations with confidence.
    • Communication Hub: Facilitate seamless communication between care coordinators, facilities & their contacts, and caregivers via integrated messaging & notification tools.
    • Flexible Payments: Enjoy flexibility in arranging private pay payments from facilities, ensuring accurate billing and timely payments.
    • In-Depth Reporting: Understand key facility staffing metrics, track caregiver performance indicators, and identify areas for improvement, all at a glance.

    Caregiver Management

    Effortlessly manage and coordinate caregivers, fostering a seamless and unified approach to elevate the standard of care.

    • Centralized Caregiver Database: Agencies benefit from a centralized database with searchable profiles, including skills, qualifications, licenses, experience, and availability.
    • Flexible Scheduling: Facilities can instantly fill open shifts by creating and broadcasting schedules to relevant caregivers.
    • Seamless Collaboration: Facilities can connect with caregivers, schedule visits, send messages, and discuss any needs/concerns instantly.
    • Expense Tracking: Monitor caregiver overtime & expenses, optimize staffing, and prevent misuse through transparent record-keeping.
    • Simplified Invoicing: Generate accurate invoices based on time tracking and agreed rates with facilities for caregiver services.
    • Advanced Solutions: Enhance flexibility and efficiency with our caregiver app and portal, enabling easy schedule management, clock in/out, notifications, and on-the-go facility connection.

    The GPS-Enabled Mobile App for Your Caregivers

    Receive instant notifications for new job opportunities from facilities and apply for selected shifts effortlessly. Empower caregivers with self-administration and time-tracking functionalities.

    • Centralized Dashboard: Caregivers can stay updated with assigned shifts, upcoming shifts, open shifts, and client information in a single location.
    • Multilingual Support: Caregivers can navigate the app in their preferred language, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, and more, without hassle.
    • Real-Time Clock In/Out: Track caregiver work hours accurately with mobile app-based time-tracking functionality.
    • GPS Location Tracking: Gain insight into caregiver location during scheduled shifts for peace of mind and enhanced oversight.
    • Notifications & Alerts: Keep caregivers informed with real-time updates from facilities, including timely alerts for important events such as schedule updates & open shifts.

    Digital Signatures for Effortless Work Time Approval

    Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to effortless work time approval! Agencies enjoy faster billing and reimbursements, happier caregivers, and enhanced trust with instant electronic documentation. Facilities, simplify timekeeping, ensure confident compliance, ensure confident compliance, enhance service delivery, and reduce costs by eliminating printing & filing. With just a click, get work hours approved, records secured, and disputes eliminated.

    The CareSmartz360 Facility Staffing Brochure

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    Integrate CareSmartz360 with Your Facility Staffing Ecosystem

    When it comes to integration, CareSmartz360 opens up endless possibilities! We ensure seamless connectivity for payroll, invoicing, time tracking, and more to supercharge your facility's staffing efficiency.


    Why They Love CareSmartz360

    “The overall organization of everything in one module makes us more efficient since everything - Key documents, Time Tracking, Billing & Payroll, is right there.”

    Morning Glory Home Care, Owner

    Juli Wall

    “Very user-friendly and great customer service.They have customized many different reportsand features to fit our business model. We had used a previous software before andswitching to CareSmartz360 was a breathof fresh air.”

    Heaven Sent Home Care, VP

    Travis Dumont

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    CareSmartz360 streamlines facility staffing operations through features like centralized dashboards, interactive schedule planning, and efficient workforce management. It simplifies shift planning, enhances communication, and provides a user-friendly platform for managing caregivers.

    CareSmartz360 offers a range of features for facility management, including integrated data hubs, dedicated facility accounts, compliance automation, communication hubs, flexible payments, and in-depth reporting. These features contribute to a more organized and efficient facility management process.

    CareSmartz360 enhances the private pay payment process for facilities by offering flexible payment options and seamless integrations with QuickBooks and transactional systems. These features ensure precise billing and prompt payments, contributing to streamlined financial management for facilities.

    The real-time tracking features in CareSmartz360 contribute to enhanced oversight and peace of mind for facilities. It ensures that the facility workforce is scheduled, informed, and tracked all in one place, promoting efficient operations.

    We've just scratched the surface.

    Our users reported 95% customer satisfaction in 2023. Schedule a personal walkthrough to see CareSmartz360 in action.

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