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CareSmartz360: Making Caregiving Easier for Caregivers

71% of caregivers are interested in using technology for their caregiving tasks.

CareSmartz360 is integrated with advanced scheduling and organizing tools that assist caregivers to perform their duties with maximum operational efficiency, by utilizing the capabilities of the Caregiver Portal and the Caregiver Mobile App.

The Caregiver Portal

Everything You Need in a Single Space

The Caregiver Portal in CareSmartz360 allows care providers to prepare themselves with the required care plan and client details before they start their shift and visit a client. The portal is embedded with several useful features for caregivers that can be customized as per their needs.

  • View Upcoming Schedule (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Find out Available, Open, and Cancelled Shifts
  • Select and Request to Assign Open Shifts
  • Respond as Available, Not-available or Need More Info
  • Clock-in and Clock-out Visit Timings
  • View Pre-defined Tasks as per the Care Plan
  • Add Notes and Comments after Care delivery
  • Access 70+ Online Courses & 59+ Hrs of Caregiver Training
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CareSmartz360+ Caregiver Mobile App


A Caregiver’s Personal Organizer

The Caregiver Mobile App, which is available to home care agencies using CareSmartz360+, is the perfect tool for caregivers. The app comes in handy when an in-home care provider is out in the field, moving from one place to another, for care delivery. Available for devices of all screen sizes running Android or iOS, the app is integrated with several caregiver-friendly utilities and features.

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Caregiver Mobile App Features

One App, Multiple Roles

A Single Dashboard

  • Stay updated with shifts and schedules
  • View important information, including client details, care plan, and tasks to perform

Multi-lingual Support

  • Navigate the app quickly and efficiently in multiple global languages


  • View assigned shifts, open shifts, and meetings for each day


  • GPS-enabled clock-in and clock-out features allow caregivers to record their working hours accurately
  • Find directions to arrive at the client’s address

Available Shifts

  • Accept or decline any shift that the agency has requested to fill
  • Mark the status as available, unavailable, or need more information

Manage Tasks

  • Caregivers can mark tasks as complete, incomplete, or with specific notes for accurate record-keeping
  • All data is synced with CareSmartz360+ in real-time

Record Important Details

  • Add expenses incurred while providing care services and record for reimbursement
  • For insurance purposes, caregivers can record if they have been injured while on a shift

Client List

  • View a list of clients to serve or who have been served with details such as their address and phone number


  • Upload and record compliance documents in one place, including licenses, certifications, or any other important documents

Real-Time Information Access

  • Stay updated with open/canceled shifts and other agency information in real-time through real-time alerts, emails, or notifications

Location Tracking

  • Effortlessly track a caregiver’s location throught the entirety of their shift
  • Ensure their well-being, increase accountability, and provide prompt assistance when needed

Ad Hoc Schedules

  • Caregivers can create schedules with their assigned clients
  • Using the caregiver mobile app, caregivers can effortlessly schedule one-time shifts by clocking in and out

Got a Question?

Yes, a caregiver can add or reduce hours of the shift, depending on the availability.

The calendar option available on the dashboard lets the caregiver view open shifts, and they can request that the agency change their shift to the desired one.

No, the caregiver needs to clock in through the app upon reaching the destination, and vice-versa.

Yes, for tracking the actual clock-in and clock-out timings, the caregivers must implement an EVV based mobile app.

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