Collecting payments becomes easy

Automated invoicing

Invoicing becomes easy with the Batch feature. You can make a New Batch by specifying the criteria you want. The Batch is like a folder of invoices that can be processed and sent at the same time.

Automated invoicing - CareSmartz360 Home care billing software

Convenient Invoicing

Multiple actions with invoices to help you keep track

Invoice batches that are finalized can be printed out as a PDF, exported to QuickBooks or you can send Invoice Notifications to the payers. This is a great time-saver for you and helps in maintaining invoices without pain.

Convenient Invoicing - CareSmartz360 Home care agency billing software

Integration with QuickBooks

Export your invoices to QuickBooks easily.

If you have QuickBooks installed, exporting invoices to QuickBooks for further action is easily done.

Home care billing software solution

TransNational Integration

CareSmartz360 has integrated with TransNational to make accepting credit card payments easy. From the Finalized Invoice Batch screen, the Account Register, or the Payment Register by Client, you can just click the credit card icon, enter the information and click Pay. That will notify TransNational to process the payment and update the CareSmartz360 portal to reflect that the payment has been made.

Caresmartz360 Transnational Integration

Revise invoices easily

Adjust the invoice, provide discounts, get total control.

Each invoice in a batch has icons in the row from which you can perform multiple functions: email, adjust, discount, or delete.

Easy invoice revision in CareSmartz360 home care billing software

Got a Question?

This is just one of the features put in to add convenience since batches can be sorted by date, service and type of payments and processed together to save time.

The system will calculate payments based on caregivers’ rates fed into it and the total number of hours spent on the shifts. Of course, this means that clock in and clock out should be done properly.

If there is more than one payer, the system will create more invoices -one for each payer-according to how the payment is divided.

Special rates for working over holidays etc. can be factored into the homecare management system and the invoice will reflect that.

Yes, we do have an option to export invoices to QuickBooks so that the software does not disrupt your existing accounting routine.

Yes, from the finalized invoice page, you can select all or just some of the invoices to print, export or send notification that the invoice is ready to be paid.

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