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Imagine if you could gain all the valuable insights from a single dashboard to help you improve efficiencies, report your performance metrics, and enhance client outcomes. That’s what CareSmartz360 can do for Executive-level decision-makers in a home care business.

CareSmartz360 –
Delivering Business Intelligence to Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership team has a deep understanding of senior care and connects directly with the people working at home care agencies. They act as an advisory group to establish workflows, facilitates process requirements, and steer the business towards growth. However, they would always need actionable data and metrics to analyze performance and come up with strategies to improvise and grow.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The home care reporting capabilities of CareSmartz360 helps to identify pain points and bottlenecks in every process. A thorough analysis of data reports allows assessing staff productivity, caregivers’ efficiency, areas of improvement, cutting down expenses, focus on revenue growth, and service quality. You can also set up customized reports based on the data and format you’d like to see.

The possibilities are endless. In a home care business, filtered reports based on workflows can unearth growth opportunities, identify gaps, streamline operations, and bring out wisdom for driving the business forward.

Intelligent Analytics Delivered

No matter if you own an agency with limited staff or if you’ve been driving the agency’s Executive Leadership team, CareSmartz360 gives you a comprehensive dashboard view of your business at a high level so you can monitor your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time.

  • Real-time dashboards and analytics showing how the business is performing
  • Anytime/anywhere monitoring of agency-wide processes and workflows
  • Streamlined operations, error-free financials, reduced expenses, and increased margins
  • Improved care quality and client satisfaction
  • Estimate upcoming needs and returns on investments
  • Taking actions in present to avoid problems of future

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