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What are the “Realities” of Modern Home Care Operations?

Client requirements and caregiver schedules are not a 9am-5pm operation.
New client inquiries and intakes, caregiver call-outs, and family member communications happen 24×7.
Home care agency staff need the tools to access critical data to manage these inquiries from anywhere, anytime.
Being tied to a bulky computer, pinching and zooming on non-optimized mobile web browsers, and lugging paper documents and binders are inefficient and not HIPAA compliant.

Available on Android and iOS, your new CareSmartz360 Agency App provides the following benefits:

  • Increased service levels for your caregivers, clients, family members and referral sources.
  • Speedier intake results in increased referral source inquiries and conversion rates.
  • Resolve client problems and escalations faster, keeping your agency staff more balanced when on call or out of the office.
  • Attract and retain the best office staff with a work/life balance which minimizes their workload outside of traditional office hours.

Best All-in-One App for Office Staff
Increase Productivity and Organize Daily Activities On-the-Go!

Admin App for Office Staff

More Control over Business Activities.

Office staff can access detailed information for all clients and caregivers:

  • Current open tasks.
  • Care Alerts, including caregiver notes, caregiver task, family feedback, and client feedback.
  • Missed clock-in/clock-out updates.
  • Latest incoming messages.
  • Pre-screening surveys.
Agency App Client Communication

Smooth and Easy Communication!

The client list allows office staff to:

  • Access client data and contact information.
  • Communicate via email, phone, and text messages.
  • Access care plans in real-time.
  • Provide the best care to your clients.
Agency App Caregiver Management

Simplify Caregiver Management

Crafted for office staff to make their job easier, with:

  • Real-time communication.
  • Access to caregiver contact details anytime, anywhere
  • Viewing schedule updates and caregiver unavailability.
  • Sending and receiving information via email, phone calls, or text messages.
Agency App Calendar View

Easy Calendar View

Color-coded calendar to gives your staff a fast and easy ability to:

  • Schedule and track visits in real time.
  • View upcoming shifts, missed shifts and much more.
  • Information for all the caregivers and their schedules.
  • View the schedule of specific clients and caregivers by the day or by week.

Got a Question?

Yes, you can see feedback, both from clients as well as their family. This can be seen from the dashboard within the application.

Yes, it is the first thing you see when you log in to the mobile application. The “My Open Tasks widget will give you the entire information about the request, due date, and to whom the task has been assigned.

The client list allows you to view a full list of all clients. Each client’s email address, phone number, and emergency contacts are listed and you can immediately reach out to them via email, phone or text.

The scheduling module in the application has a color-coded calendar. It gives you an instant update about whether the shift is scheduled, approved, or open. Also, the information can be shown either by the day or week.

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