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Piecing It Together Through Caregiver Retention

Watch the webinar by industry experts from Caresmartz360 and Briones Consulting Group assisting home care agencies to overcome the caregiver retaining challenge. Caregiver retention is one of the pressing issues for home care agencies. The issue became a challenge at the outset of the novel coronavirus.

Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining the “Right” Caregivers

Watch the webinar by industry experts assisting home care agencies to overcome the challenges in recruiting, hiring, and retaining dedicated caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apprehend the home care best practices that ensure greater productivity, improved caregiver retention rates, and overcome frontline staff shortage.

Thriving during Down Times

Watch the insightful webinar portraying the ways to overcome the challenges that every home care agency is facing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Apprehend the best home care practices by the industry pundits that thrive in productivity, improves client retention, helps in scaling business growth, & minimizes costs.

Home Care: Successfully managing your business during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Watch the webinar assisting home care agencies to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak by the industry experts to stabilize revenues and minimize financial impacts. Learn how to leverage technology for enhanced care delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak with streamlined operations.

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