Schedulers – The Backbone of Caregiving

Stay on Top of Client and Caregiver Scheduling

The ultimate objective of a scheduler is to ensure and enhance client satisfaction with the best in-home care services by assigning the right caregiver as per the care needs.

One Dashboard to Manage Shifts, Schedules, and Appointments of Clients and Caregivers

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CareSmartz360: Increasing Schedulers’ Efficiency up to 70%

More Time for Productivity

CareSmartz360 helps schedulers for simpler, faster, and more accurate scheduling. As home care service providers work at a busy pace, this scheduling software is used every day by them to plan hundreds of caregivers’ schedules and appointments. It allows schedulers to master the dynamics of effective scheduling, provide the right caregiver-client match, fill open shifts quickly, and handle any missed visits easily and conveniently.

A Color-coded Calendar Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Schedules

The color-coded calendar of CareSmartz360 allows a viewing schedule of caregivers and clients in three different views: hour-by-hour schedule of any given day, weekly schedule of the client(s), and to view the bigger picture by a collective month-wise schedule. The color blocks indicate Open Shifts, Approved Shifts, No Shows, and Scheduled Shifts.

Smart Scheduling in Just a Few Minutes

The efficiency of a scheduler largely depends upon effective scheduling. The CareSmartz360’s Quick Schedule system is intuitive and make the complex scheduling process easier. Create a schedule in minutes with client details, time and duration of shifts, and caregiver tasks. For schedulers of home care agencies, managing last-minute changes in the schedule and caregiver availability is a breeze with the CareSmartz360 scheduling solution.

Match Caregiver Expertise with Client Needs

Utilizing the intelligence of technology, schedulers can match and assign the most appropriate care provider based on the client’s needs. CareSmartz360 automatically considers various factors, including caregiver experience, client’s health condition, tasks to perform, the distance between client and caregiver locations, and more.

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The caregiver can go through the calendar to learn details about the assigned shifts, open shifts, and scheduled visits daily.

Scheduling in CareSmartz360 software helps in managing appointments for caregivers, clients, and agencies. It also provides real-time information about caregiver’s clock-in/out times that helps in tracking whether care is delivered on time or not.

Yes, the caregiver can change their shift and reschedule a visit. Just in case a caregiver isn’t available to visit the client, another caregiver would be scheduled by the agency.

You can cut down scheduling time by 70%. This all comes through selecting the caregivers recommended by the portal’s built-in intelligence.

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