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Managers and supervisors have a transparent and holistic approach towards every aspect of the home care business. They use data and reports to analyze individual business processes, staff performances, client experiences, and behind-the-desk operations, thereby helping executive leadership in decision-making, planning, and executing strategies at functional levels.

Managers and supervisors are important as they are closest to the employees in the organization. They are positioned to mentor and up-skill employees with the new processes, or when changes are about to happen in the workflows.

Event-driven Workflow Management

Home care supervisors manage event-driven workflow, and when required or asked to, take necessary actions in the most efficient way possible. They play a crucial role in managing the following –

Manager and Supervisors

One Role, Multiple Duties

Manager and Supervisors

Payer Management

  • Manage multiple payer contracts
  • Streamline billing for client & family members, insurance providers, VA benefits, and Medicaid
  • Maintain Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system integrated with Sandata, HHAeXchange, and other aggregators

Manager and Supervisors

Care Plan Management

  • Short-term and long-term care plans
  • Need-based care plan for clients
  • Ensure best-fit caregiver as per the client needs
  • Maintaining care quality

Manager and Supervisors

Client Experience Management

  • Derive plans to retain and benefit existing clients
  • Seek feedback, and conduct surveys
  • Engage with clients through text messages, email, and audio/video calls
  • Influence existing clients for referrals
  • Maintaining a good Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Manager and Supervisors

Workflow Management

  • Manage daily/hourly shift rosters of staff
  • Match caregivers by specialty, skills, experience, and location proximity
  • Manage and coordinate with multiple office locations

Manager and Supervisors

Operations Management

  • Keep track of client calls, and review actions taken
  • Record data of activities like recruitment, training, and more
  • Authorize reimbursement of expenses
  • Improvise operational efficiencies, utilize time to promote, generate leads, and client onboarding

Manager and Supervisors


  • 100s’ of Powerful Reports Giving Full-visibility of –
    • EVV Compliance
    • Shifts and Schedules
    • Service Authorizations
    • Account Receivables
    • Payroll
    • Time-tracking
    • CRM Reports
    • Missed Visits
    • Caregiver Analytics
    • HR and Caregiver Compliance
  • Grab, filter, and sort rich data for analysis
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators

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