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Caresmartz360 provides a dedicated portal that allows clients and family members to gain access to information about schedules, invoices, and announcements published by your home care agency. The portal also allows them to contact you and provide feedback relating to their Caregiver visits. This portal is built on the idea that information should be transparent and easily available to your clients.

Caregiver Visit Schedule

Know your caregiver’s schedule

Quickly view the entire schedule (daily, weekly and monthly) of caregivers with date and time of visit. The client & family portal also shows the tasks to be performed by a caregiver, care history, and the status of schedule if it is canceled, approved/disapproved, caregiver no show, and more.

Caregiver Visit Schedule - Caresmartz Client & Family Portal

Invoices for Quick Payments

View care spending history

The client & family portal has the records of all the invoices generated, the status of the payments (paid, unpaid and partially paid), and the option to make quick payments right from the dashboard. Clients can view how much they are spending on Caregiving services.

Invoices for Quick Payments - Caresmartz Client & Family Portal

Upload Documents for Easy Access

Add key documents right into the portal

A client can add different types of documents and files for later use. Care contracts, medical records, medication files, and emails can be archived in the client & family portal. This helps everyone involved in the client care know about medical condition, recommended medications, and care requirements.

Upload Documents for Easy Access - Caresmartz Client & Family Portal

Got a Question?

The scheduling dashboard shows the identity and (daily, weekly and monthly) schedule of the caregivers who have been assigned.

The invoices tab will show all the invoices generated, the status of the payments (paid, unpaid and partially paid), and the option to pay against the invoice.

Yes, you can view the entire billing and payment history in the invoice section.

The members who are authorized to view the information will be granted permission to access the portal.

The family and client portal includes announcements published by your home care agency, the ability to contact the agency, and a place to provide feedback related to the caregiver visits and care delivery.

Yes, you can upload and store key documents related to the patient: medical history, diagnosis reports, etc.

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