EVV Deadline is Just Around the Corner- Are You Ready Delaware?

Electronic Visit Verification Deadline in Delaware

Are you a home care agency owner in Delaware? If yes, chances are you have probably heard of the approaching Delaware EVV deadline and hopefully created a plan to implement EVV for your agency. If not, know your time is running out!

As per the 21st Century Cures Act Mandates, EVV is needed for all home care agencies to claim Medicaid bills. A failure to comply would result in home care agencies having to pay 1 percent of their FMAP deductions.

Home care agencies in Delaware will have two responsibilities when it comes to their Electronic Visit Verification solution compliance:

  • Collect EVV data for every visit affected by the mandate.
  • Verify that the data is in the right format, often in real-time, to the state or MCO that regulates it.

So, how can home care agencies in the state of Delaware establish themselves for success? There are three foundational considerations for developing a sound implementation plan:

  • Determine if the mandate applies to you or not. You can do that by reviewing your service set against the EVV-mandated services in your state.
  • Consider the compliance environment complexity, such as the number of states and how payers submit claims.
  • Begin early to allow time for system testing and caregiver training. Make sure to be prepared to meet the state deadlines that differ from one another.

What is the State of EVV Implementation in Delaware?

The state overseer of Electronic Visit Verification is an open-choice model. Without conflicts, the home care agency will verify and oversee the data and quality from EVV vendors.

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates the state of Delaware to have an EVV system for Personal Care Services by January 01, 2023. The Delaware Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance (DMMA) is working closely to implement an EVV system for Home Care Services in 2022.

DMMA and DDDS need information from the state regarding EVV to support Delaware’s Electronic Visit Verification. The state vendor must compulsorily complete a short and easy survey. The deadline for the survey was May 27, 2022.

December 30, 2022, was chosen as the Delaware EVV implementation deadline.

Why is EVV Becoming a Requirement?

Many states have begun requiring electronic visit verification for registered home care agencies. However, the EVV requirement has become a national mandate with the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act.

Pertaining to the home care industry, the Cures Act requires personal care services and home care agencies to accept government reimbursements and have an EVV solution in place by the end of 2022 (previously 2019).

Suppose a home care agency fails to adhere to Delaware’s rules. In that case, the agency will face a denial of claims that will eventually lead to termination from the Medicaid program. There will also be non-payment or denial sanctions, suspension, or fines.

Home care agencies must complete the process of testing with Sandata- the approved aggregator. Therefore, agencies must stay updated with the EVV mandates in Delaware and implement an ideal home care software.

Why Select Home Care Software?

It is worth selecting a home care software. CareSmartz360, an all-in-one home care software, complies with Delaware’s EVV system. It is a trusted partner for Delaware home care agencies looking to scale their operations to meet state laws, including EVV standards.

CareSmartz360 is a HIPAA-compliant software that provides a free flow of information by:

  • Centralizing workflow for different stakeholders like clients, agencies, and caregivers.
  • Eliminating manual data handling.
  • Exercising greater control over caregivers.

Additionally, CareSmartz360’s EVV solution enables agencies to streamline operations and ensure compliance with some easy-to-use features:

  • HIPAA & EVV Compliant
  • GPS-enabled Mobile App
  • Error-free Medicaid Claim Submission
  • Robust EVV Reporting
  • Open APIs
  • Easy Migration
  • Manage Schedules

Read our eBook to learn more about CareSmartz360’s EVV Solution in Delaware. The eBook also contains information about the state of home care in Delaware and more about its rules and regulations.

Delaware- Embrace Electronic Visit Verification, The Deadline Is Approaching

Some home care providers in Delaware show resistance to the idea of EVV. However, whether they like it or not, the deadline is approaching. Implementing EVV ahead of the deadline is worth the effort because it can make your business more efficient and profitable.

Some states require multiple technologies embedded into an EVV solution. In this case, you will need to select both telephony and mobile visit verification in your system. And, for that, CareSmartz360 has you covered. Additionally, you can take advantage of streamlined scheduling, billing, HR, and payroll.

We offer one of the best home care software solutions with a built-in EVV system. We also provide customized software and integrations for organizations of all sizes.

Contact us if you are looking to become EVV- compliant in Delaware before the deadline.

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