How Mobile EVV would Navigate Home Care Success in 2022 and Beyond


With the advancement of technology, home care agencies are witnessing a paradigm in the care delivery mechanism. The way home care workers, including caregivers, deliver quality care and connect with the clients, agencies, and family members is no longer the same as it once was.

With increasing dependencies on caregivers and the impact of the global pandemic, all operations are delivered and monitored on the move. Yes, mobile apps have transformed how home care agencies provide care, manage schedules, and ensure compliance.

So, does it mean that mobile applications are helping home care agencies sustain in the long run by overcoming competition? Undeniably, yes.

Caregivers are now utilizing the true potential of smart home care management applications designed to deliver a flawless user experience by incorporating EVV, scheduling, billing, and calendar updates.

This post reveals the aspects associated with home care application and caregiver mobile app and how they would act as a catalyst for thriving business success in upcoming years.

The Dawn of Mobile Apps in the Home Care Industry

Every industry was impacted by the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the home care industry, being one of an integral part of our society, was not spared.

As a result, caregivers had to face increased number of challenges, however, technology came to their aid in a difficult situation like this!

Whether it’s remote care delivery or managing shifts on the go, smart devices like mobile phones and tablets have helped to improve care delivery in the most difficult and unpredictable times. Many home care agencies that were concerned about managing quality care and meeting compliances adopted smart mobile applications that catered to their various needs.

A smart home care agency app and a caregiver management app helped their business stay up and running even in the most uncertain times without violating HIPPA and EVV compliances.

But now with COVID-19 becoming a new normal, the big question is, will agencies keep relying on smart home care management mobile apps that are a part of the entire home care management suit?

There is no second thought about it! Businesses will undoubtedly emphasize the use of technology to stay ahead of the competition, regardless of any potential barriers.

Let us understand how a mobile interface would define the future of home care by streamlining processes and offering compliances.

One of the biggest concerns among home care agencies regarding the adoption of a smart home care management solution with a mobile app is the overall compliance to the EVV mandates.

We know that 21st Century Cures Act mandated that all home care agencies delivering personal care services must use a certified Electronic Visit Verification solution to collect key data. Failing to do this may lead to Medicaid claim rejections and may lead to legal consequences.

Good Read: Understanding EVV – How, When, and Why of Electronic Visit Verification

Now things were quite good for agencies since they leveraged a home care solution with EVV before the pandemic. They did not even realize the need for a smart mobile application to enhance the quality of care.

However, with mobile EVV, businesses can not only meet compliances like EVV and HIPAA, but eventually can:

  • Enhance care delivery
  • Improve scheduling, and
  • Can establish effective communication on the go

Mobile-driven Electronic Visit Verification solution offers the most convenient and efficient way of home care management that helps increase business revenues and eventually helps retain clients and caregivers.

Now what is required at the agencies’ end is that they take the right approach to mobile applications while delivering quality care and managing communication.

How Home Care Agencies Are Benefitted through a Smart Mobile App like CareSmartz360?

Various home care agencies are now leveraging smart home care management applications to enhance care delivery and maximize their profits through a smart mobile app that enhances care on the go. Let us understand how CareSmartz360 is paving the path for the next level of simplified care delivery.

More Control Over Business Processes:

Home care agency office staff can access detailed information for all clients and caregivers:

  • Current open tasks
  • Missed clock-in/clock-out updates
  • Latest incoming messages
  • Pre-screening surveys
  • Care alerts, including caregiver notes, caregiver task, family feedback, and client feedback

Smooth and Easy Communication:

The client list allows office staff to:

  • Access client data and contact information
  • Communicate via email, phone, and text messages
  • Access care plans in real-time
  • Provide the best care to your clients

Simplify Caregiver Management:

Crafted for office staff to make their job easier, with:

  • Real-time communication
  • Access to caregiver contact details anytime, anywhere
  • Viewing schedule updates and caregiver unavailability
  • Sending and receiving information via email, phone calls, or text messages

Easy Calendar View:

    Color-coded calendar to offer agency staff the ability to quickly:

  • Schedule and track visits in real-time
  • View upcoming shifts, missed shifts, and more
  • Get information about all the caregivers and their schedules
  • View the schedule of specific clients and caregivers by the day or by week

Other Great Features Offered by Caregiver Mobile App

  • Multilingual support for caregivers
  • One dashboard for all upcoming shifts
  • Caregiver shift status and calendar updates
  • Complete client details
  • COVID-19 Pre-Screening Module

If you wish to witness the next level of home care management and meet the complex compliances of the 21st Century Cures Act, schedule a quick personalized demo and understand how CareSmartz360 is your perfect compliance partner in 2022 and beyond.

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