Accurate Time Tracking and Caregiver Location Verification

The Electronic Visit Verification solution built into the software lets you ensure precise time tracking for caregivers. Clock-ins and clock-outs are logged, allowing you to verify billable hours for each shift. Additionally, caregiver location tracking verifies their actual presence during assigned shifts, ensuring compliance, resolving invoicing discrepancies, and maintaining legal requirements.

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Change Schedule Status Quickly

Track and Manage Schedules Efficiently From One Screen

From the Time Tracking screen, you can easily change the status of the schedule to Approved, Scheduled, Caregiver No Show, Needs Review, Cancelled etc.

This gives you total control and convenience in deciding the status of schedules speedily. You can change the status individually, to selected schedules or to all schedules.

Electronic Visit Verification Software Solution for Home Care

Track Caregivers with Precision

Select the View You Need for Exact Information

The Scheduling Time Tracking Views lets you see just the schedules you need to see. You can monitor caregiver time with Call Detail, Call Review, Missing Check In/Out, and Unidentified Calls. You can get a quick look at open shifts, and you can review all the schedules that have already had billing or payroll finalized.

Keep caregivers accountable:

Time tracking provides clear visibility into your caregiver time management and helps you prepare for billing and invoicing.

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Flexible Schedule Calendar

Customizable Filters for Efficient Scheduling and Tracking

The schedule calendar provides filters to enable you to see just the information you want in a calendar format. This is good for scheduling as well as for tracking potential concerns about client and/or caregiver cancellations.

EVV Homecare Software Solutions

Open Shifts Calendar

The Open Shifts calendar is a quick and easy way to see what scheduling still needs to be done for particular day or week. Just click on the shift to open the schedule and assign a caregiver.

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Delete Many Schedules
at Once

Do you have a caregiver going on vacation? Maybe you have a client who is no longer using your services. You can use the Delete Bulk Schedules screen to select all or some schedules within a specific time frame and delete them all at once.

Advanced Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Solutions for Homecare

State-By-State Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Guide

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The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system is crucial for successful long term insurance claims and state reimbursement. Many states also require this as part of the legal compliance process. Exact logging in of hours through the Electronic Visit Verification software helps in quick and accurate billing and invoicing.

Yes, all voice messages and calls are recorded and saved in the system.

If the caregiver dials in, using telephony, to perform a clock in/out, and the phone number used isn’t recorded as part of the electronic visit verification system (EVV), the call will be classified as Unidentified. Agency users can easily connect a call to a schedule from the Unidentified Calls view.

The EVV software system is GPS enabled, so you can track the geographical location of the caregiver’s clock in/out. Also, if the caregiver has not completed the clock in function by the time you’ve set, an agency user can get an alert to facilitate immediate feedback.

The caregiver can clock in only within a certain distance from the client’s house (defined by you in the electronic verification software settings). Or you may choose not to have the radius defined at all and give the caregiver unrestricted access to clock in from any distance.

In the Scheduling, Time Tracking, Call Review screen, red indicates that the caregiver failed to successfully clock in/out within the time threshold that you set. Green indicates that clock in/out was successful, or the schedule hasn’t started yet. Yellow indicates that either clock in or clock out has been done, but the other function is not yet complete.

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