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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by selecting Care Plans from the dashboard.

Yes, they can add or reduce hours from their shift, depending on their availability.

The calendar option available on the dashboard lets the caregiver view open shifts, and they can request that the agency change their shift to the desired one.

Yes, there is an option to add personal notes on the calendar.

They can check the details of clock-ins or clock-outs, and if they miss one, they can simply connect with the agency to have it updated.

As a caregiver, you can request the caregiver regarding a shift. The caregiver can accept the same if he/she is available for that time slot.

The caregiver software is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Yes, the unavailability tab helps a caregiver set their preferred work times, and the time he/she will then be properly listed as ‘unavailable’.

Yes, from the compliance tab, the caregiver may upload all certificates.

The training tab in the portal displays all the courses that have been assigned to the caregiver along with the progress.

The caregiver can look up the address, directions, care plan, and emergency contacts of the client.

The calendar view in the caregiver portal allows the caregiver to see and request that the agency change their work hours.

  • Upcoming shifts
  • Clients’ list of tasks
  • Available and unavailable shifts

No, the caregiver portal comes free with the home care management software.

Yes, when a caregiver is asked to fill shifts, he/she can respond that he/she is available, unavailable, or needs more information from within the portal.

Yes, the caregiver, with the help of home care management software, can add notes or a to-do list and mark pre-defined tasks as complete.

Yes, the caregiver can look at the feedback given and improve as needed.

The caregiver can alter his/her shift whenever he/she wants to, but if the shift has already been assigned, the caregiver needs to speak to the agency.

Caregivers can set their work times (and even the times in which they’ll be unavailable or on leave) from within the Unavailability Tab.

The caregiver can respond from the Caregiver Portal whether he/she is available, not available, or simply needs more information before proceeding.

The caregiver portal enables a caregiver to punch in and punch out during the assigned shift.

Information about upcoming schedules, available shifts, client details, and the total hours of service is available in the caregiver portal.

Yes, the caregivers can text the agency through the Caresmartz Caregiver Portal for any queries.

Absolutely! Caregiver agencies save up to 70% of their time by using Caresmartz home care management software.

Yes, caregivers can clock in and out for their visits, all while having them recorded in real-time, within CareSmartz360.

Yes, you can always send a request to the caregiver agency to change your shift through the CareSmartz360 software .

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