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Electronic Visit Verification tracks the punch-in and punch-out time of the caregiver through a mobile app. The data is utilized to calculate the total hours of care delivery, which is further billed for Medicaid reimbursements.

EVV can be implemented through a dedicated mobile application, which should be HIPAA-compliant. Home care agencies can choose any EVV vendor offering EVV solutions for getting compliance with the state and federal government regulations.

The key data stored with each visit of the caregiver through the EVV app is verified and is further forwarded for Medicaid billing.

Caregivers can be tracked and monitored through a dedicated mobile application with Electronic Visit Verification. A home care management solution is the right option for enhancing care delivery.

No. The GPS-enabled Electronic Visit Verification enables a punch-in only when the caregiver reaches its destination.

Yes, EVV ensures precise monitoring of punch-in and punch-out times and the chances of record alteration becomes negligible. The Medicaid reimbursement entirely depends on digital records captured by EVV software.

Unlike physical records that can be altered, EVV records cannot be changed or altered, which reduces any chance of Medicaid fraud. Home care agencies need to send the data containing total hours of care along with type of service, which is verified and billed through Medicaid.

You have to pay for Electronic Visit Verification-based home care management software, which also provides you compliance with the state and federal government regulations.

Electronic Visit Verification helps reduce Medicaid frauds and helps home care agencies to automate their processes by precise tracking the clock-in & clock-out timings.

Once the processes of a home care agency are automated, they can focus more on the quality of services. Also, the caregivers have more time to deliver care rather maintaining the physical records. This helps them in improving their overall business revenues.

The features involve- time tracking, automated billing of Medicaid, GPS-based tracking of caregiver, scheduling, and more.

You need to pay for the home care management solution, which includes built-in EVV. Based on your client usage, your EVV vendor could propose different payment plans.

Home care agencies need to finalize third-party vendors offering HIPAA compliant EVV solution. Once they choose an EVV solution provider, they need to register themselves with their respected state and get EVV compliance.

There is no special permission required to implement EVV. However, home care agencies need to implement EVV before the deadline for their respected state.

No. Once an agency implements EVV, there’s no need to maintain physical records for the caregivers.

CareSmartz360’s EVV provides you an easy to monitor caregiver time with Call Detail, Call Review, Missing Check-In/Out, and Unidentified Calls. You can get a quick look at open shifts, and you can review all the schedules that have already had billing or payroll finalized.

CareSmartz360 helps home care agencies in tracking caregivers, managing payroll, engaging hassle-free record transfers, maintaining quality care delivery services, and more. It simplifies the caregiver’s tasks and helps clients get better insights in real-time.

The CareSmartz360 mobile app automatically detects the current location of the caregiver and starts the billing hours as soon as the caregiver punches in at the allocated destination. Once the shift is over, the caregiver can punch out from the app, and the total billable hours are tracked as digital EVV records.

No. Caregivers cannot manually update clock-in and clock-out times in CareSmartz360 software. However, they can report a missed punch-in within the app.

Agencies can maximize their revenues and can eventually streamline their business processes while maintaining compliance with the state regulations.

CareSmartz360 precisely tracks the total billed hours based on the individual shifts of the caregivers.

Yes, the CareSmartz360 EVV solution is compliant with state regulations and can be used by home care agencies for Medicaid billing.

If there are official documents that caregivers or other staff need to access again and again, like training manuals or compliance documents, you can upload them to the Digital Library of CareSmartz360 where they can be accessed by the staff from the portal.

Yes, CareSmartz360 bills Medicaid as it is HIPAA compliant and follows the state & federal government regulations.

The Scheduling Time Tracking Views lets you see just the schedules you need to see. You can monitor caregiver time with Call Detail, Call Review, Missing Check-In/Out, and Unidentified Calls.

The Open Shifts calendar is a quick and easy way to see what scheduling still needs to be done for a particular day or week. Caregivers can be quickly assigned through CareSmartz360’s open shift calendar.

Yes, the detailed information regarding the total billed hours of care delivery. The electronic record could be used by the agency to claim Medicaid.

As a caregiver, you can always request a shift change through the EVV app of CareSmartz360, subject to approval from the agency.

With Scheduling Time Tracking, you can monitor caregiver time with Call Detail, Call Review, Missing Check-In/Out, and Unidentified Calls. You can get a quick look at open shifts, and you can review all the schedules at once.

Detailed information regarding the working hours is available in the CareSmartz360 software, which a home care agency may utilize anytime.

Yes, the punch-in and punch-out times are recorded, as per the pre-assigned shifts of the caregiver, in CareSmartz360 software.

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