Easy Calendar View

Color coded calendar to give you a fast update on status

From the Calendar, you can view the schedule of specific clients and caregivers by Day, Week, Month. The calendar is color coded to easily indicate Open Shifts, Approved Shifts, No Shows and Scheduled Shifts.

Easy scheduling calendar view in CareSmartz360

Quick Schedule

Create a Schedule in minutes!

Home care scheduling is one of your most time-consuming tasks. That’s why you need our home care scheduling software. It is intuitive and easy to use.

With our Quick Schedule feature, you can select the client and caregiver and enter the times and type of service. If you have standard shift timings, you can even configure those and just click on the Preferred Time Slot.

Home Care Quick Schedule

Open Shifts

Cut down scheduling time by 70%

Select caregivers recommended with the portal’s built-in intelligence.


The portal has been designed to align the right caregiver with the client by matching various criteria, like requirements, specialty, distance, and availability, among others.

Caregivers are suggested based on the criteria, and you can assign the open shift to one of them or send an email or text message about the shift to one or more caregivers.

Check Open Shifts in CareSmartz360 Non-medical Home Care Scheduling Software

Recurring Schedules

Add recurrence to the Schedule.

After you create a schedule, the system will prompt you and ask if you want to create a Recurring Schedule. If you do, then you can specify the duration of the recurrence -Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. You can also specify the Start and End Date and the days of the week for the caregiver’s visit. This is a convenient feature that can save you a lot of time.

Create a Recurring Schedule - Scheduling Software for Home Care

Got a Question?

Under Scheduling, you can see the Find Caregiver Option. Here you can add shift date and time, filter by skill category and specify distance of Caregiver (max.radius) among other things. The intelligence of the home care scheduling Software will show you the results and you can select the best option.

To alert caregivers about Open Shifts, you can text message or email them. Their responses are automatically logged into the system.

Yes! Once a schedule is created, the caregiver assigned and the family will both have access to it without any manual intervention. The shift notes, care plan, etc. will be automatically shared.

When caregivers respond to your mails/messages for shifts, their responses are saved. You can print these out in a report to refute unemployment claims.

On the Find Caregivers screen, select the ‘Will not hit overtime working’ option under Skill Category dropdown menu. The home health care scheduling software will avoid displaying caregivers who will be eligible for overtime.

Yes, when the system displays selected caregivers based on your preferred criteria, you can send messages/email to all.

We've just scratched the surface.

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