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Frequently Asked Questions

Although no special training is required, there is crucial training to help manage work efficiently.

Different states require different certifications. A caregiver although need, not any specific certification but a certified caregiver could establish themselves as experts. Some of them include an 8-hour certification course, First Aid & CPR training, and 5-hour practical training certifications depending on the state requirement.

The individual must be 21-year old. And depending on the state requirements, he/she needs to undergo certain certification tests, which costs around $50 to $60. An 8-hour certification costs $59. There are no additional costs.

Many states require you to undergo training to become a caregiver. You can check the details with your state.

Yes, agencies can add their own material to the library.

It is not necessary in some states, but most require adequate training and certification to start working as a caregiver.

The training offered in the app covers diverse areas. This could be helpful even if you are a certified trainer.

Yes, if you have an active connection to the internet.

No. Contrary to some popular consensus, the caregiver does not need to pay for the training.

No, the videos are available through the application.

No, internet connectivity is required.

Industry professionals and certified home care experts deliver lectures on different subjects of caregiving.

It is basic training around the legal and ethical issues of providing care. It teaches you some of the necessary skills required to become a good caregiver.

There is no such compulsion of undergoing training to become a caregiver. A trained caregiver is just an add-on. There may be some state regulations on required training or certification, such as CPR and first aid. You should check with your state for more information.

Training gives the caregiver a brief description of what they will doing regularly.

No, the client does not need to pay to train the caregiver. However, the cost for a trained and certified caregiver with experience may be higher than a newer caregiver.

Yes, agencies can arrange training programs for their caregivers on diverse subjects.

Yes, the home care management app offers a wide variety of well-designed eLearning courses that caregivers can view.

The Trainings Tab on the caregiver portal shows all the courses/training assigned to a particular caregiver.

From the Training Report screen, the client can see the status of training/courses (complete, in-progress, not attempted) that were assigned to the caregiver.

Not at all; the caregivers can pause and resume the training at any time.

Yes, the training within the app is free and comes with the software.

A wide variety of courses are listed under the LMS, such as bathing tips, dealing with difficult or abusive clients, and understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

The videos are approximately 10 minutes long, which helps you get an overview of the software and its functionality.

Yes, there are several of courses that are only 10 minutes and can be completed during the breaks.

Not at all; the caregivers can pause and resume the training at any time.

Yes, these training modules are available on the CareSmartz360’s home care management app. Caregivers can access the modules depending on their requirement

Caregivers provide the details of their certifications and training through the CareSmartz360 mobile app. These details can be viewed by both the agency and their clients. The status of training for specific certifications can be monitored.

Starting with the basic App training courses, the training module offers advanced courses that can help caregivers in using the app for improved care deliver. Caregivers can learn to upload documents in the library, add sub-folders, update information, availability, and a lot more related to scheduling.

Yes, the video tutorials from CareSmartz360 are enough for the caregiver to understand the basics and advanced levels of delivering care.

The video lectures in the CareSmartz360 app emphasize areas that help caregivers, clients, and agencies use the application and dashboard efficiently for enhanced care delivery.

The training covers the topics that can guide a beginner adequately regarding the use of the CareSmartz360 software. You get a tutorial of scheduling, managing shifts, checking payrolls, and much more.

Yes, the client can add his/her training material (within the prescribed formats) to the Digital Library.

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