A Typical Day in the Life of a Biller

Between numerous calculations, documentation, processing, and payments, home care billers often spend several hours every day doing it all manually or electronically.


  • Have to manage multiple billing rates per payer
  • Generate invoices and bills for payments (e.g., EDI 837 and 835 files)
  • Customize invoices with necessary information as per clients’ needs
  • Liaison with multiple payers for a client to get paid
  • Stay updated with waiver programs, Medicaid processing, insurances, and taxes


  • Manage multiple pay rates for care providers and office staff
  • Track and verify overtime, travel expenses, and service expenses for all the caregivers
  • Interface back and forth with third-party payroll and accounting software
  • Facilitate timely payments to staff, vendors, and other running expenses
  • Ensure pay rates are in compliance with laws of Living Wage and Wage Parity

How Can Billers Speed-up Billing Processing Time by up to 85%?

What Can Help to Reduce Repetitive Manual Tasks and Paperwork by 90%?

Introducing CareSmartz360 for Billers

The billing processes in CareSmartz360 are designed to be flexible to accommodate the personalized needs of the billers.

Automate & Track Invoices. Easy QuickBooks Export.


Split a bill for two different payers.


Invoice format according to payer requirements.


Facilitate state-wise Medicaid billing.


Unified electronic billing, claim submission, and payments.


CareSmartz360: Process Billing with Accuracy in Minutes


No Need to Replace Existing Billing Software

CareSmartz360 interfaces with QuickBooks or any other accounting software to grab necessary data to facilitate billing and payroll. That means a home care agency does not need to replace the existing accounting system in use.


Smart Invoicing Means Quick Payments

The comprehensive invoicing system of CareSmartz360 is built on user-driven billing processes to ensure error-free accounting information, and manage all the invoicing, billings, and payments from a single dashboard. It also supports various rates, billing rules, and third-party payers like Medicaid and Medicare.


Payments to Caregivers Cannot Get Easier

Once the shifts are completed, visits verified, total hours of service processed, and payroll is generated, billers can custom-designate payments based on hourly or daily rate and how it will be paid. Moreover, the payroll module of CareSmartz360 can be customized to consider other expenses incurred while generating payroll. It also helps caregivers to stay informed on how much remuneration will be paid to them.


Fastest Way to Get Paid

Yes, you read it right! CareSmartz360 streamlines the entire billing process for home care businesses, allowing them to raise invoices and sending them to the payers in no time. No matter if the home care services provided are covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or if someone from the client’s family is going to pay, billers can determine and define everything in CareSmartz360.

Got a Question?

The CareSmartz360 software automatically generates bills based on the total number of hours of care delivery. The billing records in the digital format can be transferred for Medicaid reimbursement.

Yes, you can always send an invoice directly from the CareSmartz360 software.

You see details about the caregivers, their total number of working hours, shifts, client information, and similar information.

CareSmartz360 allows integration with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online for billing and ADP Workforce Now for Payroll. It also provides the ability to export CSV files to third-party software.

We've just scratched the surface.

Our users reported 95% customer satisfaction in 2023. Schedule a personal walkthrough to see CareSmartz360 in action.

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