Medicaid Billing System for the Unique Needs of Home Care

CareSmartz360 offers a robust billing solution for quick and accurate billing, payment, and reporting. Care providers can submit claims the same day they provide services and get paid faster by staying ahead of claim denials.

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Key Benefits of CareSmartz360’s Medicaid Billing Software:

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Fully Integrated Billing Solution

Accommodate the personalized needs of the billers.

CareSmartz360’s robust billing solution helps to automate & track invoices, supports multiple payer sources, including Medicaid, and maximizes reimbursements while focusing less on administrative tasks.

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Electronic Visit Verification

EVV to facilitate state-wise Medicaid billing.

CareSmartz360 is all-inclusive of electronic visit verification for those who bill Medicaid. CareSmartz360+ mobile app & telephony seamlessly capture the data required for EVV while keeping your caregivers happy and focused on care delivery.

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Automate Medicaid Claim Submission

Quickly create, review, approve and submit claims.

The electronic Medicaid billing module of CareSmartz360 manages all the billing data automatically by generating 837p or 837i forms. Billers can then review, approve and submit an error-free claim.

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Minimize Claim Reductions

Get rid of claim related errors.

Data structure and process flows protect against the most common forms of claim denials. CareSmartz360’s billing mechanism results in the elimination of incomplete claims and rates as well as duplicate claim-related denials.

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Track Claim Status

Tracking the status of remittance had never been easier.

Manage and monitor claim activity such as adjusted claims, claim-related denials, and overdue status. In addition, use our robust reporting feature to assess your company’s financial performance.

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Expert Medicaid Support

Support for fast, accurate, and smooth Medicaid billing.

Questions, concerns, feedback – our highly trained & experienced Medicaid experts are there for all of it. Get access to resources and hands-on assistance throughout the Medicaid process.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implement, monitor, and support Medicare nationwide, thus it follows standard billing requirements across the country. The states administer and control Medicaid, thus home care service providers are required to meet all state-specific Medicaid billing requirements for each state they plan to bill in. Home care businesses operating in multiple states know that most states make use of the same electronic format for Medicaid claim submission. However, the process of claim transmission may vary from state to state.

Home care agencies can bill Medicaid in the following ways:

  • Manual submission of Medicaid claims generated on paper forms.
  • By utilizing the services of a clearing house as an intermediary whose responsibilities include taking paper forms for Medicaid claims and verifying them for information accuracy before submitting to the payer in lieu of certain fees.
  • Electronic Medicaid billing by using an electronic home care billing software that manages all the billing data automatically, generate 837p or 837i forms, review and submit the claim for payment. CareSmartz360 is an example of a home care Medicaid billing software.

Starting from the first day of service, an agency has to submit Medicaid claims within a year (365 days) in order to get accepted for the processing and reimbursement of the claims. In case, if the agency is providing care services to a client who has other insurance, an exception is allowed past the 365-day limit.

Yes. Nowadays, the majority of home care software comes with advanced features that can be customized as per the needs. It can generate, review, and submit Medicaid bills to the state agency for reimbursement.

The Medicaid billing module of CareSmartz360 creates and submits error-free claims for processing, giving an edge to home care businesses with a substantial reduction in incomplete claims, missed entries, invalid diagnosis codes, incorrect rates, and duplicate claim-related denials. CareSmartz360 is integrated with an advanced bookkeeping algorithm to handle all the accounts and every penny without any hassle so that the agencies always know which claims are paid and which claims need follow-up.

CareSmartz360 is a complete software solution to manage home care business and supports all Medicaid payers, allowing businesses to focus on other operations and processes.

  • Effective and comprehensive management of the revenue cycle
  • Allows agencies to fulfill billing requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance and Private Pay
  • In-built feature to submit claims electronically
  • Quickly create, review, approve and submit claims in 837p or 837i format
  • Helps in generating error-free claims to save time and efforts
  • Identify and manage accounts and claims that are overdue
  • Robust reporting to evaluate financial performance

We've just scratched the surface.

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