Informative Dashboard Widgets for Caregivers

The dashboard offers a range of widgets that provides a snapshot of essential information, enabling caregivers to manage their schedules and deliver top-notch care efficiently. These widgets offer enhanced visibility into the information, including:

  • Caregiver service history
  • Upcoming schedules
  • Available shifts for caregivers
  • Client details and task lists
  • SMS communication log

Hyperlinks take the caregiver into the portal for more detailed information.


Enhanced Calendar & Clients View

Caregivers can conveniently view all the “Clients” they are scheduled to work with, starting from the current point in time onwards. Within the caregiver portal’s calendar section, caregivers can access comprehensive shift details by simply clicking on the desired shift. This section offers a range of widgets that allow caregivers to:

  • Clock-in and Clock-out of visits efficiently
  • Mark pre-defined tasks as complete
  • Add notes for service delivery
  • View valuable family feedback
  • Locate the client’s address and navigate to it
  • View open shifts and request more work hours


Fast Response to Available Shifts

In the caregiver portal, caregivers have the convenience of promptly responding to available shift requests sent by the agency staff. They are provided with essential details, including the client’s name, gender, address, and phone number. These key insights empower caregivers to make informed decisions about accepting or declining the available shift requests. Caregivers can conveniently respond directly from the portal, indicating their status as “Available,” “Not Available,” or “Need More Info.”


Caregiver Scheduling Preferences

Caregivers can take control of their schedule by specifying their availability or unavailability for specific date ranges. Any updates made to their availability in their profiles will be shared with the agency, ensuring schedules are assigned accordingly.


Extensive Caregiver Training

Access Online Courses through the Caregiver Portal’s Learning Management System Module. Caregivers can conveniently view training videos, participate in courses, and access relevant information. This section offers a consolidated view of caregivers’ training details, including completed LMS training and additional data added by agency staff.


Document Management & Compliance Tracking

Caregivers have convenient access to view and download agency-added documents and upload their own for review by agency staff. They also receive timely reminders for upcoming deadlines such as auto registration/insurance renewal and HHA license renewal.


Got a Question?

Yes, from the Unavailability tab, caregivers can set preferred work times or times they will be unavailable, like for vacations or further training. If schedules are already in place, the caregiver will need to contact the agency directly.

Yes, from the Compliance tab, caregivers can add a new compliance with start and expiration dates, license number and any relevant notes. They can upload a digital copy of the document as well.

Caregivers can see all the demographic information about a client, including the address and driving directions, the last completed care plan, and all emergency contacts of the client. Agencies can set the permissions to allow caregivers to edit and update the care plan from their portal.

The Trainings tab in the caregiver portal shows all the courses that have been assigned to the caregiver, as well as their progress in getting the work completed. A link on that page will take them directly to the LMS training module.

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