Multiple widgets for quick view

Multiple widgets on the dashboard give caregivers a quick view of the most important information: upcoming schedules, available shifts, and clients. Hyperlinks take the caregiver into the portal for more detailed information.

Quick Clock in Clock out from Widget- Schedule

Clicking on the schedule opens the actions window, so the caregiver can clock in and out as well as marking tasks complete and leaving caregiver notes and family feedback, right from the Dashboard.

Fast response to Available Shifts requests

When the agency requests a caregiver to fill a shift, the caregiver can answer, right from the portal, choosing Available, Not Available, or Need More Info.

Request more hours

From the calendar view, caregivers can see open shifts and send a request to the agency asking to work that shift.

Got a Question?

Yes, from the Unavailability tab, caregivers can set preferred work times or times they will be unavailable, like for vacations or further training. If schedules are already in place, the caregiver will need to contact the agency directly.

Yes, from the Compliance tab, caregivers can add a new compliance with start and expiration dates, license number and any relevant notes. They can upload a digital copy of the document as well.

Caregivers can see all the demographic information about a client, including the address and driving directions, the last completed care plan, and all emergency contacts of the client. Agencies can set the permissions to allow caregivers to edit and update the care plan from their portal.

The Trainings tab in the caregiver portal shows all the courses that have been assigned to the caregiver, as well as their progress in getting the work completed. A link on that page will take them directly to the LMS training module.

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