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Yes, CareSmartz360 offers a mobile app and home care management software for better scheduling along with EVV integration.

Yes, a caregiver management app helps in tracking the real-time location of the caregiver. Moreover, you can easily check the punch-in and punch-out times of all caregivers therein.

Scheduling, punch-in/punch-out, maintaining reports, caregiver task list checklist, client feedback, and shift management are some of the important features that a caregiver agency gets through a caregiver management app.

CareSmartz360 offers the best homecare management application and software, which is EVV-compliant.

Yes, certain home care management apps are available which feature caregiver tracking in real-time.

Yes, absolutely! The caregiver needs to ensure that the desired tasks for a particular client have been completed and marked on the application. The caregiver agency audits these reports for payroll and quality purposes.

Yes, there are ample applications with the caregiver tracking feature and are EVV-compliant. CareSmartz360 is one of them.

No, the caregiver needs to punch in through the application upon reaching the destination, and vice-versa.

Yes, the clients use the same home care management mobile application for tracking caregivers and managing schedules, but with different dashboard and permissions.

Yes, the application is the same with different permissions and dashboard for clients and caregivers.

Caregiver agencies can track any caregiver and fetch their real-time updates through a dedicated mobile app.

A home care management app reduces the time and efforts of caregivers that otherwise gets squandered in maintain manual records. Also, this app tracks the actual number of duty hours for which the caregiver is payable, which further motivates them and improves care quality.

As per the 21st Century CURES Act, you have to rely on an EVV system, which is mandatory for claiming Medicaid. It is a better option to choose an EVV app that can also offer services like caregiver tracking, scheduling, client assessment feature, and much more.

Yes. Most caregivers are quite stressed as they’re required to spend long hours maintaining records, which otherwise could be used for overtime or in some other way. With a dedicated app, all processes are automated, which saves caregivers hours of their precious time.

Yes, a caregiver mobile app automates the processes and, hence, reduces each caregiver’s workload.

Yes, the clients could easily provide feedback based on the services delivered. These feedbacks are analyzed by the caregiver agencies to maintain quality.

Most of the renowned service providers are offering mobile apps that can fulfill the compliance criteria along with streamlining the home care management processes including Billing and Payroll. One can choose any of the reliable home care management software offering these features.

Yes, the mobile app contains the details of check-in and check-out along with the total number of hours of delivered service.

Once the processes are streamlined, caregivers can assign caregivers to the desired places and can eventually track the quality, which contributes to improving revenues. Moreover, an EVV-based software eases claims through Medicaid, which is an added advantage.

A home care management application with embedded EVV simplifies report generation and submission for Medicaid purposes.

Yes, for tracking the actual punch-in and punch-out timings, it is mandatory for the caregivers to implement an EVV-based mobile app.

A mobile app tracks the total hours of care delivery along with records of services that were provided as per the client’s needs. The same is shared as digital records for claiming Medicaid and hence reducing Medicaid frauds.

The easiest way for agencies to claim Medicaid is through software that leverages EVV for easier report generation and submission. Since the implementation of EVV is necessarily crucial before 1st January 2020, it becomes important for agencies to implement it before the deadline.

A mobile app tracks the exact clock-in and clock-out times of a caregiver for a specific client. This enables the agency to store digital records that can be submitted for Medicaid reimbursements.

Yes, the GPS-based application enables a client to get the real-time location of the caregiver anytime.

A caregiver could easily update the information related to their availability, which helps both the caregiver agencies and clients to request them for service. Moreover, a caregiver can manage their schedule timings in case of emergency or delayed service.

Basic training is required to use the mobile app, which is offered by the service provider for both the caregivers and agency staff.

The software vendor offers training for using home care management software.

No, the caregiver agencies have to purchase the software, and caregivers need not pay extra for the mobile application.

There are numerous companies offering the best software for managing home care services, but you need first to ensure its compliance. The one complaint with EVV requirements of the state should be preferred.

Yes, a caregiver can organize his/her schedules and keep up-to-date with any information offered by the respective agency.

Yes, the caregivers can send one-to-one messages to the caregivers or can even broadcast messages for informing caregivers regarding any update.

Yes, the client can send texts for communication.

Yes, the application sends notifications and alerts to both caregivers and clients regarding any changes in the shifts or related information.

Yes, one may request a free demo of the home care management app to better understand its fullest features.

No, one cannot link the application with other apps but can save documents.

The client can access communicate on the numbers provided in the client details screen.

Yes, you can set reminders and can even notify the caregivers regarding the same.

One can check other caregivers available in that particular shift and can request them for service.

Yes, caregivers can note their expenses that can be further claimed.

The caregiver may mark his or her unavailability through the caregiver dashboard, and the system displays this unavailability at specified dates and time, accordingly.

The clients can see the certifications and experience-related details of a caregiver through the app.

The caregivers can either accept the service or can even reject based on their availability for that particular shift or time slot.

Yes, the caregiver needs to update the task checklist. The tasks can be marked as Not Complete, Client Refused, and Not Applicable as well as Complete.

Yes, the data is synched for future reference when the agency needs to file claims against Medicaid.

The caregiver can check his or her daily schedule through the calendar feature, and the app eventually notifies the caregiver of the same.

Yes, the built-in navigation helps in reaching the destination on time without any hassle.

The app supports iOS and Android platforms that run on certain versions.

Indeed! The app is supported on both mobile phone and tablet.

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