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Frequently Asked Questions

A home care client management software is basically a replacement for a paper-based recording system. Instead of writing down everything manually and maintaining paper records, this software keeps all records up-to-date in a single place.

  • Better client management
  • Flexible payments
  • Client assessment
  • Easy communication

Every essential detail of the client is updated on the software, which makes it easier for the agency to choose the appropriate caregiver to provide better care to the client.

The software informs its users about missed payments, keeps track of the client’s satisfaction regarding the caregiver, and much more. All this information is available on the calendar and dashboard.

Yes, home care client management software is available on mobile phones and tablets as a home care client management app.

The home care client management app is an application that works on mobile phones and tablets, making the client management easy and secure. This is accessible to caregivers for an easy clock-in / clock-out (as pertains to time tracking and logging tasks performed easy, right?).

The Caregivers can clock in and out using the App, based on parameters decided by the client. The App captures the exact time and location when the Caregiver clocked in and out. This information can be accessed by the Agency and they can keep a tab on the caregiver’s times.

Yes, you can print the schedules/time tables of the client for the day/month with the help of a home care client management app.

The system generates several reports for Clients, Caregivers, Accounting, Scheduling, and even for EVV tracking.

The client report means the report which consists of the essential details of the client like his/her routine, daily tasks, medications, mobility concerns, etc.

The caregiver report consists of the clock-in and out of caregiver’s visits, their upcoming schedules, availability of their shifts, etc.

When a client updates his/her information on the software it recommends a list of caregivers who are suitable for the client, this list is made on the distance, type of care and other information the client has provided.

The caregiver can see the address, contact information, driving directions, as well as the complete care plan of the client, with the help of this software.

Yes, the clients can add or edit tasks on the software whenever they want to, and the change will reach the caregiver too. The client can request tasks, these are received by the agency and they create those tasks for the Caregiver.

The CareSmartz360 home care client management software helps agencies manage clients better, improve the communication between all parties involved (such as the caregiver, client, and company), make the payments a bit simpler, etc.

The paper-based recording is a time consuming and lengthy process. Also, paper-based records are more likely to be tampered or lost. On the other hand, CareSmartz360 is a secure system that can be easily altered, and the risk of the records being tampered or lost is almost negligible. Also with EVV coming in place, all records are moving to an electronic-based system.

Yes, CareSmartz360 home care client management software is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It is designed keeping all the technophobic in mind.

Yes, CareSmartz360 software is secured with logins and passwords. Only the person with valid logins can access the information. Also, the agency keeps a check on how the information on the software is being used.

The payment feature of CareSmartz360 allows the client to make multiple payments and divide the payments accordingly to all the payers.

Absolutely! You may view a demo for CareSmartz360 software before purchasing.

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