Frequently Asked Questions

Senior caregiving implies caring for the elderly by assisting them in daily tasks like personal grooming, meal preparation, etc.

  • Assisting with personal care
  • Meal preparations
  • General health care
  • Emotional and physical (sometimes) support

Caring for the elderly can offer an emotional reward. It only gives the caregiver a sense of accomplishment but also helps them experience personal growth.

The caregiver doesn’t need to cook three-course meals, but they must know basic meal preparation and be able to assist in cooking (if needed).

Yes, the family can access the client and family portal of CareSmartz360, where the ones who have access can review and even provide feedback to the caregiver.

The caregiver must assist the client with the prescribed medications on time, but detailed medication knowledge is optional.

  • Assisting with personal care
  • Meal preparations
  • General health care
  • Emotional and physical (sometimes) support

The potential elderly client or a family member uploads a care plan that has all the necessary details about the senior on the portal of home care management software. Based on the needs and requirements, the agency assigns a suitable caregiver.

The caregiver portal, mobile app, or browser on a mobile phone has a record of the clock-ins and outs of the caregiver. This information is viewed by the agency using the CareSmartz360 time tracking view.

There is no compulsion regarding the certification or being a certified caregiver. However, certificates can always act as an add-on.

Yes, home care management software offers specialized training for senior care.

The training tab in the caregiver portal on the home care management software displays all the courses assigned to the caregiver and the progress made.

Absolutely. If you can manage both simultaneously, then you’re good to go.

Yes, the client can track the caregiver’s schedule from the client and family portal.

The scheduling dashboard shows the care details and schedules of the caregiver assigned to the particular client.

Yes, the client will be notified via the home care management mobile app about the change.

Yes, but you have to check with your state’s regulations regarding the same.

Yes, the seniors can drop in their interests, the type of care they require, their demand, etc., with the agency or home care management software based on which a caregiver is assigned.

CareSmartz360 allows the client to upload the to-do list, tasks for the day, etc. The caregiver can plan accordingly how to make the day better for their client. It automatically schedules a caregiver based on the requirements and availability.

CareSmartz360 is a user-friendly mobile app that can be operated by anyone easily.

Yes, CareSmartz360 is available as a mobile app, too, which makes it easier for seniors to notify their caregivers from time to time.

The caregiver can update their shift status through the CareSmartz360 app, and the change will be notified to the client immediately.

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