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Simplified Billing to Boost Care Outcomes

Unfortunately, LTCI claim submission can be difficult, and when claims are submitted incorrectly, approvals can take a long time. CareSmartz360 simplifies the LTCI billing process for your home care business.

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Key Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Billing Software:

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Streamline Billing for Faster Payments

CareSmartz360 streamlines the entire billing process for home care businesses, allowing agencies to quickly create invoices and submit clean & accurate claims to insurance companies, resulting in increased claim approvals & faster payments.

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Batches for Bulk Billing

You can process bulk batches, print them as a PDF, export to QuickBooks or submit bulk invoices to insurance companies.

Admin App Caregiver Management

Centralized Documentation

Using CareSmartz360 you can access all your client and caregiver-related information, visit verification data, completed ADLs, care plans, and other documentation supporting claim approvals in a centralized location.

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Submit Documents in One Go

Quickly share all the documentation supporting the claim approvals to the insurance companies in one shot from within CareSmartz360 long-term care insurance billing solution.

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Claim Audit Support

If your claim adjustor requests additional information and verification of caregiver certifications, CareSmartz360 has reporting to support any follow-up requests.

Frequently Asked Questions?

No, the LTCI billing is available to all the CareSmartz360 users.

Details about the caregivers, their total number of working hours, shifts, client information, and similar information.

The CareSmartz360 software automatically generates bills based on the total number of hours of care delivery. The billing records in the digital format can be transferred for LTCI reimbursement.

Yes, you can always send an invoice directly from the CareSmartz360 software.

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