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Frequently Asked Questions

The first stage of acquiring basic client information and assessing whether or not services may be provided is client intake. On the other hand, client assessment is a detailed evaluation performed by home care specialists to evaluate the client’s health, care needs, and design a personalised care plan.

Your home care agency can ensure client confidentiality during intake by adhering to privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, using home care software. The software consists of a wide range of security features like configurable access controls, encrypted data storage, secure communication channels, user authentication, data backup capabilities, and more. What further enhances confidentiality is employee training on data privacy.

Efficient and smooth communication with stakeholders is key for home care agencies to manage emergencies or urgent care needs effectively. Obtaining accurate emergency contact details is the first step to it. Ensuring caregiver training on extensive emergency response and enabling them to maintain adequate documentation also enables continuity of care and informed decision-making.

All the essential information to develop a comprehensive care plan is recorded during the client assessment process. This includes: Data on Demographics, identifying caregiver skill set/training, specifying tasks like companion/personal care and transportation needs. The client assessment adjusts the care plan to the client’s needs and guarantees that your caregivers are properly trained to provide high-quality care.

Once the assessment is complete, it is saved as a care plan to guide caregiver and client’s family! The caregivers can obtain this information through the mobile app or the portal on the client’s profile page.

Clients are usually unable to provide the right feedback in real-time. The agencies can’t get adequate feedback regarding the services that the caregiver is offering, which somehow affects the quality. The same can be rectified using home care management software.

Timely delivery of care, good behavior, and meeting the full expectations of quality care (while completing every task given) are simply a few of the parameters for assessing the overall performance of any caregiver, respectively.

A care plan is a list of things the client needs, and this plan can help a caregiver provide the right level of care.

The client can mention their needs and the kind of care he/she requires. This will help the agency assign the client a suitable caregiver.

Yes, you can use CareSmartz360’s Variance option to see how various care plans differ from one another.

Yes, the Care Plan can be exported as PDF or Excel, providing added convenience, especially if your staff requires a printed copy for reference.

Yes, the mobile app for CareSmartz360 allows the client to edit the care plan whenever he/she wants to, and the change will automatically notify the caregiver.

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