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CareSmartz360 Custom Forms are tools that allow you to quickly gather, store, and manage essential client assessment data without requiring IT or engineering support. They provide a streamlined, paperless method that reduces manual operations while increasing data security. These forms are suited to your home care business needs.

CareSmartz360 offers built-in client assessment forms and custom client forms tailored to their specific needs to assist with client assessment. The client assessment forms help collect invaluable information while saving time and effort. Caregivers can complete the forms electronically, ensuring consistency and accuracy. The platform ensures HIPAA compliance and integrates assessment data with care management. Caresmartz360 automates the client evaluation process, enhancing efficiency and care administration.

CareSmartz360 prioritizes data security and ensures that the collection, storage, and transmission of client data through custom forms adhere to the requirements outlined in the HIPAA. This ensures that sensitive client information remains protected and reduces security risks associated with paper-based documentation.

By using CareSmartz360’s custom forms, home care agencies can automate processes, save time, and maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations.

CareSmartz360 makes it simple to create custom client online assessment forms. You may develop forms that meet your individual needs using our user-friendly form builder, which includes drag-and-drop functionality, custom themes, and a range of field types.

CareSmartz360’s custom form solution includes over 20 field types, allowing you to incorporate a variety of data input choices such as text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more.

Access permissions for CareSmartz360 Custom Forms can be configured to guarantee that only authorised users can develop and access forms. This feature protects data and reduces errors in the management process.

Home care agencies can set the active form as the default for all future client evaluations without losing any data from past assessments. This feature improves the consistency of your data collection operations.

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