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A Home care Franchisor is a business/ individual that distributes goods and services based on home care where there is a contract binding between two parties. The two parties are home care franchisors and franchisees.

A home care franchisor distributes the services under its name by signing a contract with the franchisee. The franchisor directs the franchisee regarding any change in the terms of use and type of services.

A home care franchise is the business or individual that purchases rights to deliver services and provide goods under the name of a pre-established home care brand. A franchisor is a business or an individual that distributes services and goods by signing a contract with a franchisee.

You need to consider contacting a home care business that offers franchisees. You need to ensure that you meet their compliance and agree to their policies for getting a franchisee.

It entirely depends on your agency’s policies. You can, however, consider hiring around 10 to 15 employees, including caregivers, scheduling management , and support providers for an efficient workflow.

Getting a home care franchise can depend on several factors. It can take 60-90 days to get you the franchise, while the cost of the franchising itself may differ slightly from agency to agency.

Medical or health experience can be an asset, but not necessarily a requirement, in every instance.

Yes, usually these agencies hold fixed-term agreements for everyone who buys within the Home care Franchise, respectively.

The “franchise fee” is the amount that gives you access to the agency’s systems, training, and support. It helps get you the necessary education and support you will need to succeed. Its exact amount will vary from agency to agency.

A franchisor is an already-established company/agency that guides you in the right direction to avoid countless new-business ‘repeat mistakes’. It provides an ideal platform for you to explore your parameters within while working toward success (by means of utilizing the analytics and research previously done by the franchisor).

Most Home care franchisors provide you the same information through their main site. Calling details are listed, as well, so that you may freely call them anytime.

It entirely depends on the agency’s requirements. You can ask the same from the agency in advance.

Franchise management improves the management of the Home care Franchisees through a dedicated portal. There are several things that make management easier (franchise intranet, franchise development, etc.).

Franchise intranet is a source of communication between the franchisor and the franchisee. It helps the franchisee communicate easily with the franchisor and also keeps him/her updated about the latest updates, changes, news, and more.

Yes, you can get franchise support from your franchisor through the CareSmartz360 software.

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