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Know the industry leaders who've set new standards in the home care domain

Introducing Ruby, the VP of Sales at Caresmartz with over 15 years of experience in building and managing high-performance sales teams, developing creative business go-to-market strategies, and expanding the customer base and product offerings in the home care software industry. Ruby is the professional at Caresmartz when it comes to delivering value and satisfaction to our clients and partners.

Ruby Mehta


Say hi to Mike! If going the extra mile was a person, it’s him. Mike’s always full of surprises when it comes to ideas for product improvement or client experience in the home care domain. He’s one of the leading voices in the SAAS industry and is always coming up with out-of-the-box ideas to make the home care field more accessible and full of innovative methodologies.

Mike Paladino


A philanthropist at heart, Erin is your next host with an illustrious experience in international B2B business development and sales that spans a wide range of industries, from maritime to engineering to pest control! She is quite a ninja at singling out the customer's pain point in a jiffy. Whenever we need practical tips on building and maintaining strong relationships with a client, she’s the one person we consult.

Erin Cahill


Meet Dennis, a seasoned professional with years of experience in the home care industry, and a team player to the T! Dennis is the go-to professional at Caresmartz whenever someone needs an expert take on an idea regarding business growth, customer retention or product awareness. He has quite the rapport of being a team player with a strong work ethic. And the bug of innovation is no less than his pet!

Dennis Gill


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