Collecting, storing, and reporting on data can involve unnecessary manual processes which are very time-consuming! Tedious data entry, printing, scanning, and lugging paper records are inefficient and not HIPAA compliant – posing a high-security risk!

Your staff need an ideal suite of tools to record critical data and make it available to stakeholders anytime, anywhere.

Need a specialized tool that gets rid of paper and tailors everything just the way your business requires? Take a deep breath and focus on the big picture while CareSmartz360 Custom Forms handles it all for you.


Simplify Data Collection with Custom Forms

Build Custom Online Forms, Collect Data, and Automate Processes in minutes with no help from engineering or IT!

Admin App for Office Staff

HIPAA Compliant Forms

Eliminate chaotic paperwork and save time by automating processes and reduce security risks with easy HIPAA-compliant data collection.

Admin App Client Communication

Customize your Forms

Choose a built-in form, or create your own client-specific forms with our easy-to-use form builder and advanced features. Personalize your forms and let your brand do the talking.

Admin App Caregiver Management

Drag, Drop, and Design!

Our feature-rich custom form solution, with 20+ field types, drag & drop features, custom themes, and a simple user interface, helps you create attractive, functional forms that meet your needs!

Admin App Calendar View

Set-Up Access Permissions

Maintain a clutter-free management experience and minimize errors by configuring which users can create and access forms.

Admin App Calendar View

Fully Integrated

From client intake forms and assessments to care plans and more, information filled into client or caregiver profile auto-populates to all these forms, saving you hours of data entry time.

Admin App Calendar View

Save Data from Past Assessments

Use the active form as a default for all your future assessments without losing data from the previous client assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

It allows you to create new forms and/or modify existing ones by choosing from a wide variety of fields, also allowing data validation and conditional display logic. Form templates can be created and used for Client Assessments and/or any other forms which an Agency uses for their clients.

Enabling and creating new forms to use across the agency requires Admin permissions to access Settings.

Yes. A signature component is one of the most requested items added to custom forms. It is a special field that allows someone to sign the field with either their finger on a touch-enabled device or with the mouse pointer. This signature will be converted into an image and stored with the form submission.

Each custom form template created will be saved as a “Draft.” Once a form template is “Active,” you can then create, view, and download the “Completed” forms or add to any still “In Progress.” Users can be given full access, read-only access, or no access to the forms in the Client profile, by a user with Admin permissions.

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