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Just starting your own home care business? Money tight? This is what you need:

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CareSmartz360 provides both Operations Management as well as Franchise Management.

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One Price does not fit all CareSmartz360 creates packages to suit no matter what your business needs

We understand that moving from another software provider is a daunting task. Our support staff have loads
of experience with this and where possible will do all the heavy lifting, including migrating your customers information.
Just talk to us and we will create a solution that works for you, your staff and clients.

CareSmartz360 Standard Features

Scheduling Simpler, faster and more accurate scheduling.
Billing & Payroll Process billing and payroll with accuracy in minutes instead of hours!
HR & Training Streamline staff management and time consuming HR related activities.
Caregiver Portal Easy online access gives caregivers access to important information.
Reports & Analysis Most comprehensive reporting in the industry!
Digital Library Ensure everyone in your agency is using the same version of documents, forms and images.
Electronic Visit Verification Electronic time tracking and much more.
Family Portal CareSmartz360 provides a dedicated portal for client and family members.
Payer Management Save time and redundancy by not having to add identical payer information over and over again.

Frequently Asked Questions
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CareSmartz360 pricing is determined by the total no. of Active Clients per month. To know about additional pricing information, we’d be happy to connect you with one of our experts who can analyze your home care business needs and offer you a quotation.
Yes, Caresmartz is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant home care technology platform.
EVV methods are included in your CareSmartz360 monthly subscription. There is no additional fee for Telephony and GPS based smartphone application. Your caregivers can use unlimited telephony minutes and GPS based clock in/out in your standard monthly subscription.
No! There is no additional fee for the Client Portal. Web and Mobile based Client portal is included in your monthly CareSmartz360 subscription.
The CRM module is included in the standard monthly subscription of CareSmartz360.
Yes, you can manage multiple offices/locations with single subscription of CareSmartz360 platform. The system allows you to view individual and consolidated data of all locations.

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