Reports for every aspect of your home care business

Derive valuable insights and up-to-date financial information with smart reporting.

The Reports module displays all kinds of information for your agency:

  • Day-to-day clock in/out in the form of EVV reports
  • Operational information like caregiver pay rates
  • Marketing reports like CRM leads
  • Accounting data including client-specific payments, commission calculations, client balance due, and invoice summaries
  • Quick access to frequently used reports through Recent Reports

Home Care Reporting Software - CareSmartz360


The Dashboard is a convenient way to access an overview of important metrics at a glance.

On the Dashboard, it is easy to keep track of important information. You can select the widgets that you need and even customize which ones you see at the top of the page. Schedulers can see things like Missed Check-ins and Open Shifts. Managers can see Compliance expiration, and the bookkeeper can keep an eye on the Invoices Issued and Payments Received. Widget access is managed through the role permissions, so people who perform multiple functions can see everything they need to see.

View Dashboard in CareSmartz360 Home care reporting software

Scheduling & EVV Reports

These reports can take your agency operations to a new level of efficiency.

Scheduling and EVV Reports—The Scheduling and EVV reports can help you:

  • Monitor the performance of caregivers
  • See how many hours caregivers spent on shifts
  • Monitor time scheduled compared to time delivered
  • Track check-ins and check-outs of caregivers
  • Monitor client schedules, open shifts that need to be filled, and more

Scheduling & EVV Reports  - CareSmartz360

Accounting Reports

Payments, receivables, and outstanding balances at your fingertips.

  • CareSmartz360 has a comprehensive section for Accounting Reports that can tell you exactly how much revenue you are generating, margins per client, expense details, invoice adjustments and more.
  • Finance is the lifeblood of any business and the Accounting Reports let you know just how well you are managing your money.

Home care reporting system - CareSmartz360

Got a Question?

Yes, from the Caregiver Reports section, click on Caregiver Pay Rates to see pay rates of Caregivers as per their specified shifts.

Yes, you can customize the look and function of your dashboard by selecting the Widgets you want by clicking on the Widgets button.

Under Scheduling reports, you can click on Caregiver Schedules to see Schedule List by Date to see the schedules of Caregivers, date and status.

Yes, the Accounts Register has an option to filter payments by status: Paid, Not Paid, Partially Paid etc. so you can see with a single click those who haven’t paid their bills.

In CRM Reports, you can click on Referral Source by Date Range to view your referrals by date.

In the Accounting Reports section, click on Detailed Billing Units per Client to get a breakdown of hours billed to a particular client.

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