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Yes, client and family portal makes it convenient for the clients to have a look at the payments made, invoices generated and also make quick payments.

Yes, the client can upload any documents, bills medical records/files, etc. at any time he/she wants to.

No, only the people who have authorized access to the portal will be allowed to view the information available on the portal.

Yes, the information provided is safe and can only be accessed by the client or the family members who have permission.

Yes, the client can add confidential documents and change the folder settings accordingly to grant access to only certain people to view the document.

Yes, the people who have their name/email address listed by the client on the portal can access it.

Yes, the clients can view the caregiver’s entire schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). The status of the schedule approved or disapproved can also be viewed via the portal.

The portal has the caregiver’s name, the date and time of his/her visit, the task(s) performed, etc.

Yes, the payment history (paid, unpaid, partially paid) of a client can be viewed on the dashboard of the portal.

There is an invoice tab present on the portal that shows all the invoices generated the status of payment and the option to pay.

The client can add different types of documents to the portal. There is no compulsion, but it is better to share the updated information with the agency so that everyone has the current information.

The portal is accessed both by the client and the caregiver. The updated documents (care contracts, medical records, and medication files) will help the caregiver in performing better and the agency to hire the caregiver accordingly.

Announcements by the home care agency, the ability to contact the agency and provide feedback about the caregiver’s services, all this can be done on the family and client portal.

All the expenditure, as well as the payment history, can be viewed on the dashboard of the home care management software.

Yes, the clients can review or provide their feedback regarding the services with the help of home care management software. The client can ask for a change, too, if needed.

Yes, training regarding the use of the caregiver portal is provided in the in-built training module of CareSmartz360.

The caregiver can change the shift and make the alterations by clicking on the calendar. The ‘Available Shifts’ feature in the mobile app lets the caregiver manage their shifts quickly. They can mark their status as available, unavailable, or note that they require more information, as needed.

Yes, the CareSmartz360 App keeps the record of total hours served by a caregiver. Even if the caregiver has worked more than the shift hours, adequate compensation could be claimed by verifying the total hours.

Yes, the agency would request another caregiver that is available for the shift that you were working for. You can check the same through the schedules window in the app.

One can add expense-related information in the portal itself. Adequate expense codes can be selected from the list, which helps in maintaining records.

You can make the changes in the app, and once the connectivity is restored, the changes would be reflected in the application.

Yes, the client details screen contains the emergency numbers for all caregivers.

The scheduling dashboard on the home care management software shows the identity and schedule details of the caregiver, respectively.

Yes, the entire history of billing and payments can be viewed in the invoice section of the home care management software.

The client and family portal in CareSmarz360 is a link between the agency and the client’s family. It not only lets the client but also their family to have a look at the client’s care routine.

The client and family portal in CareSmartz360 includes announcements published by the home care agency, the ability to contact the agency, and a place to provide feedback related to the caregiver visits and care delivery. They can view the Invoices, paid and outstanding. It allows Agencies the liberty to define the level of access that they want to provide to the Client as well as the Family member.

  • Tracking of caregiver’s notes
  • View Invoices, due invoices, and paid invoices
  • View Schedules, tasks to be performed and make a schedule request to the agency
  • View Care Plan and Key Documents

The Schedule Section shows a calendar view of all the Schedules for the Client, with Timing and Caregiver name. The client can click on the schedule to see details like Shift details, where they can leave feedback; Tasks list and Schedule/Care history. The calendar gives an overview of shifts that are Scheduled, Approved, or Billed.

  • Login to the portal.
  • Give access to the family portal.
  • Grant permission to the family and client.
  • You are good to go!

Yes, each client’s medical history & reports, payment methods, and all else may easily be viewed, stored, and sent to the agency right from the CareSmartz360 portal.

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