Is Your Home Care Business Backed by AI?

Caresmartz is leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help home care businesses grow and stabilize growth. CareSmartz360 gives you a comprehensive dashboard view of your business at a high level so you can monitor your business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time.

Use modern innovations to reach new heights in your business analysis:

  • Predict Caregiver Retention
  • Foresee Caregiver Turnover Risk
  • Analyze Individual Performance
  • Retain Skilled Resources & Improve Performance
  • Minimize Caregiver Churn Rates
  • Increase Caregiver Retention
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Improve Revenues

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Reinventing Home Care with CareSmartz360 AI Solutions

Leverage AI For Caregiver Retention

Key Data Attributes

  • Caregiver Term
  • Caregiver’s Age
  • Total Work Hours
  • Inconsistencies
  • Total Clients Served
  • Average Visits Per Client
  • Total Overtime Hours
  • Income Earned Over a Period

Caresmartz360 Insights

  • Caregiver Analysis
  • Performance Insights
  • Caregiver Retention Score

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AI-driven mechanism for optimizing operations.

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Consistent R&D and investment to enhance operational efficiency and quality of care.

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Accessible from within CareSmartz360.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CareSmartz360 “AI Dashboard” is the most innovative, Artificial Intelligence driven interface ever in a home care management solution. The “AI Dashboard” enables home care agencies to analyze valuable insights regarding caregiver retention, caregiver value index, performance and more.

CareSmartz360 offers a “Caregiver Retention” dashboard allowing your agency to view detailed information regarding overall performance and the likelihood that a caregiver may leave your company – allowing you to launch retention efforts early and effectively.

The CareSmartz360’s “Sales Forecasting” feature is launching soon. It predicts sales by precisely analyzing previous sales behavior and current demands of care delivery. The smart system leverages machine learning to forecast sales, which helps agencies to plan their services and marketing accordingly.

No. The “AI Dashboard” is included at no extra charge.

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