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The CareSmartz360 Learning Management System

Let your caregivers learn anywhere and at any time with this valuable resource.

The LMS has a number of eLearning courses your caregivers can do to expand their skills. The courses are well designed, can be run on any device anytime and anywhere. This is flexible learning at its best.

The CareSmartz360 Learning Management System

eLearning courses

A variety of well designed courses on pertinent topics.

There are 10 minute courses like the Caregiver Flyer courses that offer short nuggets of information on topics like using Assistive Devices, Bathing Safety, Incontinence etc. and there are more detailed ones like Understanding Diabetes and Understanding Alzheimer’s. Each of them will contribute to improving your caregivers’ skills and understanding.

Caregiver training program - CareSmartz360

Training Reports

View the progress of caregivers on training courses and certifications.

For each caregiver, you can view which courses have been attempted, not attempted, completed, etc. This helps you know which of your caregivers is putting in the extra effort on training and whose skills are improving.

CareSmartz360 Home care LMS Software

Got a Question?

Yes, the courses can be run from a large number of mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

From the Training Reports screen, you can view the status of each course assigned to a caregiver: completed, in-progress, not attempted, etc.

Not at all. Caregivers can pause with in the course at any time and then carry on where they left off the next time.

Yes, you can add your training material in prescribed formats to the Digital Library for use of your staff.

You get access to a variety of courses, from 10 minute flyer courses with tips on using Assistive devices, Bathing Tips, Incontinence and Dealing with Abusive Clients to longer ones on Understanding Diabetes, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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