Latest EVV Integrations and Updates in CareSmartz360

Latest EVV Integrations and Updates in CareSmartz360

At the beginning of November, Caresmartz released new sets of features and updates for CareSmartz360, embedding some of the most-requested functionalities and enhancements for caregivers, agencies, and clients.

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There were prominent integrations and updates completed within the CareSmartz360 for Electronic Visit Verifications (EVV).

HHA Updates in Arkansas and New Jersey

Since CareSmartz360 is integrated and compatible with HHAeXchange for the state of Arkansas (AR) and New Jersey (NJ), the Missed Visit codes, Visit Edit codes and Action Taken codes have been updated as per the respective state guidelines.

For all states using HHAeXchange

Under Time tracking screen -> Missed visit screen, they can now add a note along with entering the Missed Visit Reason codes and Action Taken. This note would then be exported in the missed visit report against each schedule for which it was entered in the Missed Visit Import file.

From now onwards, in the event you have selected to round on bill type for each schedule, those values will start to show under EVV visit start and end times rather than actual start time/actual end time.

The Visit Edit Reason codes and Visit Edit Action Taken will be asked only on the following actions in the schedule window and from the Time Tracking screen:

  • Clock-in
  • Clock-out
  • Status change
  • Client Name (Not applicable in CareSmartz360)
  • Service type change
  • Caregiver Name change

TELLUS Updates in Kentucky

CareSmartz360 is now integrated into the state of Kentucky and has been updated as per TELLUS guidelines. All the agencies in this state will be compatible to send EVV information to TELLUS. Click here to learn more about EVV implementation in Kentucky.

Utah – New State Integration

CareSmartz360 is now capable of sending a CSV export file to the state of Utah as per their guidelines.Click here to learn more about EVV implementation in Utah

Iowa – Care-bridge Integration

CareSmartz360 is now capable of sending a CSV file via SFTP file transfer to Care-bridge which is the EVV aggregator for the State of Iowa.Click here to learn more about EVV implementation in Iowa


Currently, the State ID under the Caregiver profile was an optional field, but at the time of generating a claim file, it was required. From now onwards, this state ID field will not be mandatory at the time of generating an EDI file as well. If the value is present, then it will be used at the time of generation otherwise it will send as a blank value. Click here to learn more about EVV implementation in Minnesota.

Other than these integrations and updates, a host of new features were also rolled out. We will be sharing all the notable enhancements completed in CareSmartz360 soon. Until then, keep watching this space.

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