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CareSmartz360 at HomeCareCon 35th Annual Conference

Attention, amigos! Get ready to network, learn, and innovate at HomeCareCon, Florida’s top home care industry event, hosted by the Home Care Association of Florida! Explore a vibrant two-day trade show where attendees can explore cutting-edge products and services from sponsors and exhibitors.

The theme for HomeCareCon 2024 is “Dream. Believe. Achieve: Shaping the Future of Home Care”, which emphasizes the importance of ambition, innovation, and working together to address the challenges faced by the home care industry.

HomeCareCon is designed for experienced home care professionals like you! It’s your chance to connect with colleagues, learn from industry experts, and stay ahead of the curve. Attend informative sessions on the latest trends and policy changes impacting Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Duty home care.

During the four-day event, access fresh and engaging content regarding the trends, innovations, and the future of home care to get a competitive edge and become the market leader.

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Meet our home care software experts, Ruby Mehta (VP of Sales) and Erin Cahill (Account Executive), at booth #501! They will be happy to chat about solutions to your daily home care management challenges and give you a personalized demo of the robust CareSmartz360 software.

Mark your calendars!

Conference Dates

July 16-19, 2024


Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Florida

Session spotlight

  • 2025 National Home Care Policy Primer: Shaping the Future of Care

    William A. Dombi | President | National Association for Home Care & Hospice

    Join him for an overview of the latest policy developments and trends in home health care. Attendees will get insights into the current national landscape and examine how federal policies shape home care operations in Florida.

    Participants will also learn about the ongoing federal legislation and Medicare’s proposed payment rule for 2025, among other critical focus areas.

  • Employment Law Compliance Strategies for Home-Based Care Agencies

    Angelo Spinola | Shareholder | Home Health, Home Care and Hospice | Polsinelli

    Join legal expert Angelo Spinola for a workshop tailored to home-based care agency owners. This session delves into employment law complexities, covering topics like defining ‘work,’ avoiding off-the-clock pitfalls, calculating overtime, and applying for industry exemptions.

    Learn best practices for tracking working time, handling expenses, and creating a top-tier employee handbook. Also, discover strategies for compliance programs that ensure legal adherence while delivering high-quality care.

    Latest Legal Developments Impacting the Industry & Analysis of Florida Home Care Models

    Angelo Spinola will shed light on the latest legal developments and legislative changes affecting home-based care delivery models. The session will provide an overview of significant laws, rulings, and industry trends.

    Angelo will share strategies and tools to enhance compliance in the face of a rapidly evolving legislative landscape, ensuring your business remains compliant and successful.

    Key topics covered include:

    • Legal trends and updates

      A summary of the most impactful legal developments affecting home care agencies.

    • Home care delivery models

      An overview of different delivery models, including agency (W-2), registry (1099), and virtual marketplaces.

    • Compliance challenges

      Discussion of obstacles related to compliance and licensing requirements for each model.

    • Expanding to new models

      Considerations and strategies for providers exploring new delivery models.

    • Dual-model business

      Navigating challenges and seizing opportunities when running a dual-model home care business.

    Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the evolving legal environment and optimize your operations.

  • Maximizing Success in Home Care Sales: The Impact of Tailored Training

    Valerie VanBooven | Founder & Co-Owner | Approved Senior Network®

    In the fast-paced field of home care sales, professionals encounter challenges beyond mere transactions. They offer comfort, support, and assurance for families navigating difficult times. It underscores the critical need for specialized sales training tailored to the home care industry.

    During this session, attendees will explore the essential components of home care sales training. Valerie will emphasize the delicate balance of empathy, understanding, and trust-building alongside traditional sales skills.

    Attendees will gain valuable insights into:

    • Developing relationships with professional referral sources.
    • Building strong connections in the home care sales role.
    • Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), setting goals, and establishing accountability.
    • Integrating in-person marketing efforts with online strategies.

    The session will equip you with the tools and strategies necessary to elevate your approach to home care sales and achieve exponential success in home care.

  • Sustaining Talent: Crafting a Robust Caregiver Retention Strategy

    Cecilia Ariola-Adams | Client Success Manager | HHAeXchange

    Despite progress in recruitment techniques, the home care industry continues to struggle with the persistent problem of caregiver turnover.

    Participate in a thought-provoking panel discussion that will concentrate on a holistic strategy for caregiver retention. Immerse yourself in the current difficulties faced by agencies, discover potent solutions to reduce turnover, and acquire a glimpse into the future trends of caregiver retention.

    Seize this chance to strengthen your strategy for talent longevity in the home care sector. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

  • Mastering ADR Success: Strategies and Processes for Compliance and Readiness

    Annette Lee | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Provider Insights, Inc.

    Attend a valuable session conducted by a former nurse from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). It will offer crucial insights into what medical record reviewers look for.

    Participants will gain a hands-on understanding of the process through an actual documentation review and the use of a medical review hierarchy checklist, which is an additional resource.

    The session will also concentrate on enhancing operations and establishing efficient processes to ensure proactive compliance, preparing participants to be ready for Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) at any moment.

    Annette will delve into each team member’s role in compliance, from sales to intake, admission, and continuous clinical care, and discuss strategies to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools for success.

  • Dream, Believe, Achieve: Maximizing Success Through Value-Based Payments

    Fady Sahhar | President | XtraGlobex

    Value-based payments (VBPs) are at the cutting edge of possibilities for home care providers, merging the improvement of client health and wellness with monetary rewards for the providers.

    In the upcoming workshop, Fady will explore the world of VBP, illuminating its diverse manifestations within the sector and scrutinizing nationwide patterns.

    The goal is to arm you with the necessary knowledge and understanding.

  • Thomas Rose | President & Chief Executive Officer | 21st Century Health Care Consultants

    Igniting Growth: Elevating Your Business to New Heights

    Attend this informative workshop specifically designed for small business owners, with a focus on developing leadership abilities and driving businesses forward. Thomas will delve into strategic techniques for evaluating your leadership strengths and shortcomings, filling in the gaps, and optimizing strengths for optimal performance.

    Attendees will acquire the skills to devise a solid strategic plan and a roadmap to guide their businesses toward prosperity. They will also get an understanding of the resources to aid in career progression, even within their own companies.

    Empowering Your Office Sales Team: From Referral Intake Call to Home Assessment

    Uncover the crucial steps to train your office staff to efficiently transform referral calls into scheduled in-home evaluations. While community liaisons and marketing initiatives are critical in generating referrals, the actual sales process commences when a potential client reaches out to your agency.

    The presentation underscores the significance of arming your team with the ability to smoothly navigate callers from inquiry to the scheduling of assessments.

    Acquire knowledge about fostering uniformity in telephone manners, formulating scripts for open-ended exploratory questions, and tackling common queries and objections.

    Get valuable insights on steering the conversation towards arranging the in-home evaluation and ensuring your office sales team confidently and significantly contributes to your agency’s growth.

  • Optimizing Outcomes: Harnessing Chronic Care Management for Serious Illness

    Karen Gomes | Education Consultant | Vesta Healthcare

    Uncover the potential of utilizing chronic care management (CCM) medical practices to achieve superior results in severe health conditions.

    Participants will learn how collaboration with a medical team implementing virtual, intensive CCM healthcare can improve home health clinical results, simplify procedures, and generate favorable financial outcomes for your firm.

What you can look forward to

HomeCareCon 2024 promises to be a valuable event for anyone in the home care industry.

  • Learn from industry leaders

    The conference will feature presentations from leading experts in home care. You will gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in home care and updates on regulatory changes.

  • Explore the trade show

    The trade show will feature various vendors showcasing the latest products and services for the home care industry. It is a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and resources to grow your business.

  • Network with peers

    Connect with other home care professionals at HomeCareCon. Meet with colleagues across the country, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Also, avail up to 50% savings on our award-winning home care software.


The HomeCareCon 2024 stands as a pivotal conclave for the home care sector, offering an unparalleled platform for professionals and agencies to propel themselves to the forefront of industry advancements.

This seminal gathering is a crucible of innovation, where attendees get the chance to get critical insights, foster robust networks, and actively engage in the sculpting of the field’s trajectory.

In essence, the conference is not merely an event but a beacon for the evolution of home care. It beckons agencies to convene, collaborate, and coalesce around the shared vision of excellence.

So, get ready to embark on an odyssey of professional enrichment and sectoral transformation – for it is here that the contours of the future of home care are shaped!

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