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    EVV Compliance Simple

    EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregator: HHAeXchange/ Authenticare(FiServ)/ CareBridge |
    CareSmartz360 EVV Solution: Available
    Implementation Deadline: July 31, 2021

    CareSmartz360, our advanced home care software, is integrated with an Arkansas-approved aggregator. It has a telephony & GPS-Enabled Mobile App solution to assist Medicaid- enforcing businesses in meeting state EVV requirements. Our EVV solution enables agencies to streamline operations and ensure compliance with easy-to-use features.

    • HIPAA & EVV Compliant
    • Smart Telephony
    • Manage Schedules
    • Automated Billing
    • Robust EVV Reporting
    • Open APIs
    • GPS-Enabled Mobile App
    • Caregiver Tracking
    • Error-Free Medicaid Claim Submission
    • Point of Care Documentation
    • Easy Migration
    • Award-Winning Support

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    Understanding Arkansas’s Electronic Visit Verification

    The 21st Century Cures Act, signed in 2016, requires Arkansas to implement a system of electronic visit verifications (EVV) for Medicaid-funded Personal Care Services (PCS). The EVV mandate in Arkansas is designed to enhance the quality and accuracy of care services. The Arkansas EVV implementation timeline is as follows:

    October 22, 2019

    CMS approved the Arkansas EVV Good Faith Effort Exemption request.

    July 31, 2021

    EVV implemented as per the 21st Century Cures Act.

    HHAeXchange/ Authenticare(FiServ)/ CareBridge were chosen as the state aggregators offering Medicaid payers and providers actionable data.

    Arkansas's Home Care Regulations & Facts

    Do you know?

    Arkansas has a population of more than 3 million, with people aged 65 and over making up around 17.4% of that figure. As a home care business owner, you must stay up-to-date on state laws and regulations to provide quality care. Here are some common state laws you need to be aware of:

    • In Arkansas, Medicaid directly covers home health care. Limited personal care is also covered by the state Medicaid Personal Care Program.
    • The Arkansas Department of Human Services exclaimed around 26,818 workers in the state are eligible for Medicaid-funded bonuses. Those working 20-39 hours a week will receive $125 in bonus pay weekly.
    • To become a caregiver in Arkansas, you must complete a 40-hour training course and receive your certification.
    • Live-out caregivers must be paid 1.5x their hourly rate for hours worked over 40 in their workweek.

    Home care management software can help your business run more smoothly. With the GPS-enabled technology in Arkansas, home care agencies can keep track of caregiver working hours and facilitate easy billing and payroll. Caregiver training also helps caregivers expand their skills and lets them learn anywhere and anytime.

    See how CareSmartz360 helps meet Arkansas's strict laws & regulations!

    Home Care Regulations & Facts

    A User-Friendly Mobile EVV Solution for Arkansas

    Responsively designed and feature-rich apps to seamlessly run your home care agency on the go.

    Caregiver App

    GPS-enabled app to seamlessly manage caregiver visits.

    • Multilingual Support
    • Electronic Visit Verification
    • Easy Clock-In/Clock-Out
    • Verify Visits at the Point of Care
    • View Care Plans on the Go
    • Shift Tasks & Shift Status
    • Offline Mode & Alerts
    Mobile EVV Solution for Home Care Agencies

    Mobile App for
    Agency Staff

    Increase agency staff productivity and organize daily activities on-the-go.

    • Electronic Visit Verification
    • Easy Calendar View
    • Real-time Communication
    • Streamline Client Management
    • Simplify Caregiver Management
    • Easy Information Access
    • Easy to Use

    All-in-One Homecare Management Solution For Arkansas

    CareSmartz360 is a trusted partner for Arkansas Home Care Agencies looking to scale their operations while meeting state laws and regulations, including EVV standards.

    CareSmartz360 Home Care Management Solution

    Solutions Tailored for Diverse Home Care Agency Users

    A Complete Guide to Home Care in Arkansas

    • Arkansas’s Home Care Laws & Regulations
    • State's Care Plan & Medication Management Regulations
    • Home Care Staff Screening & Training Requirements
    • EVV Mandates and Medicaid Coverage Laws
    • Challenges Faced by Agencies in Arkansas
    • How CareSmartz360 Helps Overcome These Challenges?
    Guide To Home Care In Arkansas
    Guide To Home Care In Arkansas

    FAQs: Home Care in Arkansas

    Some technologies that can be used in EVV for capturing visit and home care delivery information at the service location are:

    • Telephone Visit Verification (TVV):
    • This system can be accessed through a toll-free number and can be accessed 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

    • Mobile Visit Verification (MVV):
    • MVV is a GPS-enabled mobile application downloaded on a tablet or smartphone.

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services does not interpret the EVV requirement to apply to PACE program services. In CMS's view, PACE is a separate Medicaid benefit listed in section 1905(a)(26) of the Social Security Act. That provision is not cited in section 12006(a)(5)(C) of the Cures Act.

    Section 1903(l)(5)(A) provides that the system must be able to electronically verify for visits conducted as part of personal care services or home health care services the following:

    • Which type of service was performed
    • Who is the individual receiving the service
    • What is the date of the service being provided
    • What is the location of service delivery
    • Who is the person providing the service
    • At what time the service begins and ends

    Section 1903(l)(2) also requires states to provide a stakeholder process to allow input into the state's implementation of the EVV requirement from PCS and home health services providers, beneficiaries, family caregivers, and other stakeholders.

    CareSmartz360 can be used as an EVV solution in Arkansas. It offers simplified data migration, award-winning support and 1:1 training to make a shift from an existing EVV-compliant home care software.

    Arkansas’s Medicaid programs are as follows:

    • Independent Choices Program
    • Workers with Disabilities
    • Long-term Care
    • ARChoices in Homecare
    • DDS Alternative Community Services
    • Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver (ALW)
    • Medicaid Personal Care

    Private care organizations that offer in-home care in Arkansas are licensed and subject to regulation by the Arkansas Department of Health. The agency upholds regulations pertaining to client rights, license applications and renewals, and training requirements for in-home caregivers.

    Yes. The caregiver will be compensated for the extra hours spent during the duty. Also, the caregivers should manage their upcoming schedule by informing the agency through the application. With this, the agency can assign another caregiver to deliver care at some pre-scheduled destination.

    Streamlined processes and real-time updates help caregivers in Arkansas enhance the quality of care. CareSmartz360, the home care software helps caregivers in getting quick insights into their ongoing and planned shifts and use an offline mode to enhance data synchronization.

    CareSmartz360 offers a robust billing solution for smart and accurate billing, adequate payment, and quick reporting. Care providers can submit claims the same day they offer services and get paid faster to be able to stay ahead of claim denials.

    Additionally, CareSmartz360 is all-inclusive of electronic visit verification for agencies who bill Medicaid, captures data required for EVV, and help stay caregivers focused on care delivery.

    CareSmartz360 is an all-in-one home care software that helps agencies control every aspect of the home care business and enable success. This platform has numerous modules like scheduling, smart billing, electronic visit verification, custom reporting, caregiver app, and client & family portal, among others, to transform how agencies provide care.

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