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Caresmartz Announces its Approval as an Alternate EVV Vendor in Ohio by Ohio Department of Medicaid

Ohio EVV Update by Caresmartz

The home care industry maven Caresmartz recently announced its approval as an Alternative Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Vendor in Ohio by the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

“Agencies delivering personal care services in Ohio can now use our home care software– CareSmartz360 to comply with the state’s EVV requirements and get enhanced productivity through streamlined processes”- stated Manipal Dhariwal, Caresmartz’s Founder & CEO.

“With CareSmartz360, home care organizations can efficiently meet the EVV mandate and can eventually save time and money on building other interfaces that can bill, schedule, track, and maintain digital records for claims,” he adds.

The leading home care management solution is capable of streamlining business operations along with essential features that lend a hand in boosting revenues, increasing the quality of care delivery, minimizing efforts, and aiding caregiver retention.

The mobile application is designed to aid caregivers and clients in a way that improves the communication along with the assurance of timely care delivery.

Why CareSmartz360

Caresmartz’s home care management software covers all mandated payers in Ohio, which is the reason why several home care agencies are already using CareSmartz360 for billing and payroll across the United States.

The home care solution is built by industry leaders along with home care agencies that not only offer compliance but eventually offer seamless operational efficiency along with improved revenues.

Trusted by several agencies operating in Ohio, CareSmartz360 is helping its clients in enhancing their profitability, productivity, and overall performance.

How CareSmartz360 Helps Agencies deliver Non-Medical Care in Ohio

Billing and Payroll – Precise & Quick

The integrated EVV in CareSmartz360 allows agencies to bill and manage payroll with efficiency. The GPS-enabled home care management app lets caregivers clock-in and clock-out with precise key data storage, which can be used for billing Medicaid.

Automate Better

Home care agencies can now leverage cutting-edge technology in the form of a solution that automates processes that saves a lot of time and efforts of caregivers, agencies, and clients.

Businesses can scale their growth with streamlined operations, quality care delivery, caregiver management, and scheduling-in one software.

More Power to Your Caregivers

With CareSmartz360, caregivers can now keep themselves updated with the upcoming shifts and scheduled shifts. The smart mobile app notifies them before the beginning of a shift and also helps caregivers to establish flawless communication with clients and agency staff.

Caregivers can record expenses, show availability, keep a client list, and access clients’ details to deal with any emergency.

The user-friendly interface allows caregivers to manage their schedules and meet compliance at the same time without sacrificing their precious time & efforts.

Offline Mode

Caresmartz understands that there can be a situation where there’s no internet connectivity. Don’t worry, CareSmartz360 is crafted with the use of world-class development techniques which enables record capturing even during the offline mode, and the same is synched as soon as internet connectivity restores.

Designed to Thrive in Productivity & Boost Revenues

CareSmartz360 is an all-in-one home care management software that is designed to meet the expectations of home care agencies delivering personal care services. Whether it is the agency owner, clients, or caregivers; CareSmartz360 simplifies care delivery by meeting the highest level of quality, no matter what.

Our home care solution increases productivity and minimizes redundancies and errors, which saves a lot of time that aids quality care delivery.

Our clients across the United States are leveraging our home care management solution and following the finest home care practices that have resulted in a surge in their overall revenues in their first month of implementing our solution.

CareSmartz360 Advantages

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