fbpixel Home Care Payroll Software Solution for Independent Agencies

Running Payroll becomes easy

Process payrolls in a batch

The homecare management software allows you to create a payroll batch filtered by employee type, date range, services, etc.

CareSmartz360 home care payroll software solution

Automated Payroll Processing

No more looking up rates for employees and laborious pay processing

A payroll batch may have more than one employee and multiple shifts. Accurate employee payments are calculated based on the rate entered and hours spent working.

Automated payroll software system for home care

Save Payrolls as Drafts

Save and resume later

You can save a payroll batch and finalize it later. This is convenient, particularly if you aren’t sure how many hours a caregiver has worked, and you need to review it.

Save Payrolls as Drafts - Payroll software for homecare

Export to Payroll Vendors

Export payroll in a convenient format.

The homecare management system is integrated with QuickBooks, so you can easily export payroll for accounting. For added convenience, you can also export the payroll as an ADP or to Paychex. If you have a different payroll vendor, you can create a CSV or Excel file to send for them to process the payroll.

Export Payroll - Home Care Payroll Software

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This is just one of the features put in to add convenience since batches can be sorted by date, employee type, date range etc. and processed together to save time.

The system will calculate payments based on caregivers’ rates fed into it and the total number of hours spent on the shifts. Of course, this means that clock in and clock out need to be done accurately and reviewed by your office staff.

In that case, you can check time tracking, clock in and clock out. The hours worked will be visible.

Special rates for working over holidays etc. can be factored into the homecare management system and the invoice will reflect that.

Yes, we do have an option to export payrolls to QuickBooks so that the software does not disrupt your existing accounting routine.

Payroll batches can be exported to QuickBooks or ADP, or they can be exported in CSV or Excel format as well.

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