Manage your Caregivers with ease

All the details in one place

The caregiver search page is easy to use. By using the grid filters, you can see whatever contact and skill-set information you need, right on the first page. You can also easily send emails or text messages, either individually or to multiple caregivers at once. You can also access a caregiver’s schedule directly from the search page.

HR Module

Whatever HR needs to know

The HR tab in the caregiver profile stores everything you need to know about your caregivers: educational qualifications, unique pay rates, compliance certifications and licenses, employment history, etc.

Skills / Requirements

Covers everything you need to know to assign caregivers successfully

Caregiver’s availability, cooking skills, experience with specific conditions like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes etc. are captured here, so the system can match the right caregiver with the client easily, facilitating efficient shift scheduling.


Modify or create schedules for caregivers easily

By clicking on the Schedules tab, you can easily update an existing schedule or click on an unmarked date to add a new schedule. Extremely intuitive and super-easy to use, this caregiver management software will cut down your scheduling time dramatically.

Got a Question?

You can upload and store key documents related to the caregiver. These could be certifications, licenses etc.

When candidates apply for caregiver positions through the website, this screen will display their details so you can get in touch with them easily. Your hiring becomes easier and faster!

A caregiver can indicate times when he/she will or will not be available by entering the dates and times, right from the caregiver portal or the mobile app. The software will then raise an alert if an agency user is trying to schedule the person during one of those unavailable times, and it won’t display any unavailable caregivers in the Find Caregiver tool.

This is possible from the Care Co-ordinator Dashboard. You can select a caregiver and a date range to view the tasks for that particular caregiver in that specific period, including schedules.

Your administrative staff is also represented here on the Other Staff screen. You can maintain and view HR modules, trainings etc. for them as well.

The Available Shifts tab will display the Open Shift requests sent to the caregiver. You can also see the status of that request, whether pending or accepted.

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