Stay up-to-date with caregivers and staff

Get all the details about your caregivers in one place.

Key in and store important details about your caregivers and staff in the HR Module. This can be conveniently accessed through their profile pages. You can store details like education, employment history, referrals, reporting supervisor, pay rates, availability, preferred timings etc.

Home care employee management software - CareSmartz360

Caregiver Compliance

Upload important caregiver licenses and expiration dates

The home care business is quite regulated. Make sure you are covered on the compliance front by keeping caregiver-specific licenses and certifications in one place with expiration dates duly noted. The system will notify you and the caregiver 30 days prior to expiration, so you can make sure the compliance is up to date in time.

Caregiver Compliance - CareSmartz360 home care staff management software

Pay Rates

Record pay rates for different shifts, calculate pay easily.

You can add pay rates for a particular caregiver if different from the ones recorded in office settings. Different shifts could have different pay rates attached to them. This is convenient while creating the invoices.

Home Care Human Resources Software - CareSmartz360

Caregiver Applicants

Make hiring faster by saving details of caregiver applicants.

When caregiver applicants apply for jobs through the CareSmartz360 portal, their details are saved in the system and can be accessed from the Caregiver Applicants screen. This allows you to reach out to potential caregivers easily and fill job openings.

Caregiver Hiring - CareSmartz360 home care staffing software

Got a Question?

Yes, you can add new pay rates for your caregivers and also select the shifts they will be working in context of new rates.

Caregivers can go to the Training section and do some eLearning courses through the Learning Management System (LMS). They can read and browse through the Library as well.

Absolutely, the system will send an alert to you a month before the license is about to expire so you can take appropriate action.

Yes, the homecare management software has provision to add other non-caregiver employees as well.

There is a Key Documents tab where you can upload documents pertaining to the caregiver. You can upload files in many formats including .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .doc, .xls, .csv.

No, the HR section comes free and is included in the software. You will find it really helps streamline operations.

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