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Keep caregivers and clients informed and in sync.

The CareSmartz360 homecare management software has versatile communication capabilities. From the system, you can communicate easily with caregivers to inform them of changes to the client care plan and their own schedules, as well as sending them alerts and reminders. You have the same capability to communicate with clients and payers, as well.

CareSmartz360 Homecare Management Software

Send bulk emails and text messages

Send schedule reminders and updates to your caregivers.

By selecting the date range and then “scheduled” and “canceled by client”, you can easily send an email to all your caregivers at once, reminding them of upcoming shifts and letting them know if a client has cancelled a regularly scheduled shift.

Send Schedule Reminders and Updates to your Caregivers

Send emails and text messages to clients

Send to individual clients or in bulk. Communicate conveniently.

You can select the clients you want to communicate with and send them an text message or email. This built-in efficiency means you can let clients know in advance if there is a change in schedule.

Bulk email and text messages are possible too if there is a global change in schedules or you just want to send season’s greetings etc. for Christmas or Thanksgiving etc. You can store email templates branded with your logo and send these for better branding effect.

Caregiver Scheduling Software - CareSmartz360

Fill Open Shifts fast by sending bulk emails and text messages to your caregivers

Select one, a few, or as many caregivers as you want, then you can create an email or text message to let them know about open shifts. You can also remind them to check their compliance expirations or complete trainings that are due.

Caregiver Management Software

Got a Question?

On the Caregiver Search screen, select one, a few or as many caregivers as you want to get a particular message, then select the email icon at the top of the page.

Yes, all the communications done through the CareSmartz360 system between the agency and caregiver are saved in the email and text message logs.

Yes, the homecare management system saves all text messages you have sent or received so you can easily refer to it in the Global text message Log.

If you have a message that you send regularly to clients, caregivers, or payers, you can create and save a template, so you don’t have to re-enter the text of the message each time you send it. The system comes with templates already created for standard things like upcoming shifts, missed clock in/out, invoices that are ready and many other topics.

Under Time tracking, we have a Messaging option that displays all the voicemails received and sent by specific caregivers. You can search by a date range here.

Filling open shifts is a crucial task in your homecare management business. When you have an open shift, you can filter caregivers and send an email or text message to the selected ones or all of them at the same time. They see your communication and respond quickly.

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