Keep track of payments with ease

One place to track all your accounts and payments’ status

The Accounts Register displays all your important receivables at a glance. The total payment for each client, refunds, deposits, credit adjustments, account balance and more.

Keep track of payments with CareSmartz360

Account Register

View all payments made by the client in one place.

Get each client’s payment details at your fingertips-what has been paid, what is pending. Search by date for invoices.

View details of invoices

You can also click on the invoice name to see the specifics of the invoice. This gives you an up-to-date picture of the client’s financial transactions.

View all payments made by the client in one place

Payment Register by Client

Specify payments and mode of payment.

You can enter payments for individual clients by selecting the client, then choosing the invoice and recording the amount paid. You can also add a note, perhaps to explain why payment wasn’t made in full, or to enter the check number for record keeping purposes.

Specify payments and mode of payment

Credit/Adjustments and Refunds

Keep a track of refunds and credit/adjustments with ease.

The system allows for recording invoice-specific refunds and credits/adjustments. The handy tool tip will help you make sure that you select the correct type to perform the function you want on the invoice.

Keep a track of refunds and credit/adjustments

Got a Question?

You can mark credit/adjustments on the invoice or refunds if the situation warrants. This is done from the Payment Register by Client.

Yes, from the Adjustment Item Type dropdown, you can specify what the adjustment is for: Discount, Coupon, Deductions, Bad Debt etc.

Yes, the Receivable page shows Applied and Unapplied Deposits.

Yes, the Accounts Register has an option to filter payments by status: Paid, Not Paid, Partially Paid etc. so you can see with a single click those who haven’t paid their bills.

Yes, there is an option to export the Receivables list as an Excel file. This is convenient for printing out or if you need to do some further calculations.

Yes, you can. You can filter clients by Client Status-Active, Inactive, Staffed etc. This will help categorize payments.

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