Keep a detailed record of all your payers

Payer information is integrated into the system, making for fast invoicing.

Save time and effort by not having to add identical payer information over and over again for clients. Add commonly used payers such as hospitals, insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid so that all you need to do is select the payer from the dropdown to sync the payer with the client. Payers can be categorized as Company, Community, or Private Payer.

Homecare Payer Management software


Save credit card and preferences for invoice delivery.

Billing your client becomes easy because all the details are at your fingertips and are integrated within the system. Everything from the preferred mode of invoicing, branding, and details for the invoice and credit card information is saved. Invoices to a specific client will always use the details you have saved.

Home Care Software for Payers

Bill Rates

Record billing rates for different payers and for different types of shifts.

Billing rates you record for a particular payer is saved in the homecare management system.
A very convenient feature is that you can key in rates against particular services and types of shifts for the payer. Invoicing and billing become fast and automated.

Homecare Payer Software Solutions

Configure Payers

Add one or more payers for a client

From the client’s profile, you can assign multiple payers to receive and pay different portions of the invoice. You can select the from the payers you already added, like insurance, or add a new payer, like a family member or fiscal intermediary. One client can have multiple payers, perhaps a co-pay, and insurance and multiple family members sharing the remaining amount. CareSmartz360 offers the option for different payer configurations for every client.

Homecare Payer Management

Got a Question?

Yes, you can add new payers for a client at any time. This could be a new payer you add to the system, or you can select from the payers already added.

A percentage of payment will be defined per payer. One payer will be defined as the Primary Payer; the others will be Secondary and Tertiary. The system will generate invoices separately for each of them.

Absolutely, the homecare management software allows you to sync payers to particular schedules, so they pay only for those.

Yes. The homecare management software has email templates you can define with your preferences, including display of logo, etc.

You can send a text message or email to the payer. All text messages sent to and from the payer will be saved for easy reference under the Global text message log.

Yes, you can. The system has provision to send text message and emails to payers, so payments are rendered faster.

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