One dashboard for caregivers to stay updated with their schedules

  • Caregivers can find directions and navigate to reach at the clients’ address.
  • For caregivers, the mobile app helps to be aware of shifts and schedules. They can quickly view appointments of the day, their task list, and relevant patient data required to deliver care services.
  • For home care businesses, relaying necessary information to caregivers in real-time becomes easier as the mobile app is always connected with the CareSmartz360 home care software.
Caregiver Mobile App - CareSmartz360

Caregiver Shift Status and Tracking Details

The calendar screen allows caregivers to see assigned shifts, open shifts, and meetings for each day. There’s an appointment screen for caregivers to clock in and out at the start and end of care delivery.

  • The mobile app helps caregivers to quickly view assigned shifts for the current day, all open shifts that need to be filled, and any meetings that are scheduled for them.
  • Caregivers can punch clock-in when they visit a client for care delivery and clock out when the tasks are done.
  • Caregivers can also add visit notes, add expenses that need to be reimbursed and injury details for insurance purposes if they have been injured while on a shift.
Caregiver Calendar & Appointment Details

Task Completion

Tapping on a task will open a screen for the caregiver to update the status of the task completion. Any status other than “complete” will require an explanatory note that will be part of the schedule that will then be a part of the permanent record.

  • This helps caregivers as well as agencies to know the status of tasks that are part of the care services.
  • Tasks can be marked as Not Complete, Client Refused, and Not Applicable as well as Complete.
  • All this data is synced with the CareSmartz360 software in real-time and becomes a part of the record for future reference.
Task Completion - Caregiver Scheduling App

Available Shifts

The ‘Available Shifts’ feature in the mobile app provides convenience to caregivers to accept or deny any specific or immediate shifts to fill.

  • The ‘Find Caregiver’ option in the scheduling module of CareSmartz360 allows service providers to request one or more caregivers to fill a specific schedule.
  • Caregivers can see the shifts that you would like them to fill, within the mobile app and they can mark the status as Available, Unavailable, or if they need more information.
  • Based on these responses, home care agencies can easily figure out and assign an available caregiver for the open shift.
View Available Shifts - CareSmartz360 Home Care Scheduling App

Additional Features

The CareSmartz360 mobile app has more options for caregivers that cover Expenses, Unavailability, Clients, and Compliance.

  • Record Expenses:

    Caregivers can note down expenses incurred while providing care services and apply for reimbursements.

  • Show Unavailability:

    Caregivers can mark as unavailable in advance so that the system knows they are unavailable for the specified dates and timings.

  • Keep a Client List:

    Caregivers can see a list of the clients they serve. This view shows details like the address and phone number.

  • Compliance:

    Caregivers can upload and record their compliance documents in one place including licenses, certifications or any other important documents.

CareSmartz360 Home Care Mobile App for Caregivers

Got a Question?

If you have keyed in a threshold radius for login then the caregiver can log in only if he is within the threshold. You can also turn off this setting if needed.

From the Client Details screen, the emergency numbers are available for the caregiver to access.

The caregiver can respond to Available shifts that he views on his phone as Unavailable or he can mark his Availability in advance from the More options screen.

Under Calendar your caregiver can see the Open Shifts defined in your software and express his interest in them by sending SMS or email.

Absolutely, your caregivers will be able to see Alerts and SMS you send from the dashboard of the app.

In the mobile app the caregiver can put in expenses by selecting the numerical code assigned to each item. Commonly bought items have been assigned codes by the system to make it easier for accounting.

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