COVID-19 Pre-Screening Module for Clients’ Safety

CareSmartz360’s COVID-19 taskforce is tirelessly making every possible effort to ensure the safety of clients and caregivers. We have launched the “Pre-Screening” module in the CareSmartz360 mobile app which helps analyze and protect caregivers and clients against COVID-19 exposure.

  • CareSmartz360’s latest feature ‘Shift Pre-Screening’ helps your agency to screen caregivers that may be exposed to COVID-19
  • Once enabled, the Caregiver will receive a prompt in the mobile app to answer four predefined pre-shift screening questions prior clocking-in for their shift
  • After answering these questions, the caregiver signs and clicks ‘Save’ to submit the answers
  • If the Caregiver answers any of the 4 questions unfavorably, the agency will be notified via email/SMS
Task Completion - Caregiver Scheduling App

One Dashboard for Caregivers to Stay Updated with Upcoming Shifts

Streamlined processes, quick scheduling, and real-time updates that help caregivers to enhance quality of care. CareSmartz360 helps caregivers to get quick insights into their shifts and can now leverage offline mode to improve data synchronization.

  • Caregivers can view the upcoming shift or the ongoing shift
  • Caregivers can perform clock-in/clock-out from this screen itself
  • The app allows the caregiver to quickly view appointments of the day, their task list, and relevant patient data required to deliver care services
  • User can also perform other operations such as:
    • View/Add Key documents
    • View/Add Compliance
    • View/Add Availability-Unavailability
    • View SMS log
  • Caregivers can work on disconnected/offline mode and see the last sync i.e. when the data was sent to the server as soon as the connectivity is restored
  • Caregivers can go to its detail screen to perform schedule related operations
Caregiver Mobile App - CareSmartz360

Caregiver Shift Status and Calendar Updates

The calendar screen now allows caregivers to see assigned shifts, open shifts, and meetings for each day. There’s an appointment screen for caregivers to clock in and out at the start and end of care delivery.
The new and improved UI also contains all the assignments in various categories in one screen under Calendar.
Assigned – All assigned schedules are displayed on this screen along with the date
Open – All open shifts are displayed on this screen along with the current date
Available – All available shifts are displayed on this screen along with the current date
Meeting – Meetings, if any, are displayed on this screen along with the current date

Caregiver Calendar & Appointment Details

My Clients & My Profile

Now caregivers can quickly view all the information about their clients in a single location. This feature helps caregivers reach their destination and get contact & emergency contact details.

  • Caregivers have access to “My Clients” which contains detailed information about the clients
  • By clicking on any client’s name, the caregiver will be directed to view the client’s address, emergency contacts, and care plan
  • Caregivers can now view their profile details under “Profile”
  • In addition to the existing features, caregivers will be able to view their online/offline status, the version of the application, and GPS accuracy
Task Completion - Caregiver Scheduling App

Available Shifts

The ‘Available Shifts’ feature in the mobile app allows caregivers to accept or decline any specific or immediate shifts.

  • The ‘Find Caregiver’ option in the scheduling module of CareSmartz360 allows service providers to request one or more caregivers to fill a specific schedule
  • Caregivers can see the shifts that you would like them to fill, within the mobile app, and then can mark their status as Available, Unavailable, or that they need more information
  • Based on these responses, home care agencies can easily review and assign an available caregiver for the open shift
View Available Shifts - CareSmartz360 Home Care Scheduling App

Additional Features

The CareSmartz360 mobile app has more options for caregivers that cover expenses, unavailability, clients, and compliance.

  • Record Expenses:

    Caregivers can record expenses incurred while providing care services and apply for reimbursement

  • Show Unavailability:

    Caregivers can mark themselves as unavailable in advance so that the system knows they are unavailable for shifts

  • Client List:

    Caregivers can see a list of the clients they serve. This view shows details like address and phone number

  • Compliance:

    Caregivers can upload and record their compliance documents in one place including licenses, certifications or any other important documents

CareSmartz360 Home Care Mobile App for Caregivers

Got a Question?

Caresmartz is precisely monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic across the United States and has formed a COVID-19 Taskforce that is working tirelessly to help agencies, caregivers, and clients during the crisis.
Moreover, CareSmartz360 mobile app is now equipped with the “Shift Pre-Screening” module to screen the caregivers before they begin their shift for enhancing the safety of the clients and caregivers.

The “Shift Pre-Screening” feature screens the caregivers before they begin their shift. The caregivers need to go through a COVID-19 questionnaire that determines whether the caregiver is fit for duty or not. The same is notified to the agency for further action.

The “Shift Pre-Screening” feature, when enabled from the agency’s end, will give a prompt on the screen on the mobile app in the caregiver’s smartphone.
The caregiver needs to answer a couple of questions about their overall health before they can clock-in for the assigned shift. The result is stored and sent to the agencies instantly via SMS/email.

The caregiver can perform several tasks that include:

  • View/Add Key documents
  • View/Add Compliance
  • View/Add Availability-Unavailability
  • View SMS log

If the caregiver’s internet connectivity is unstable or the internet is not available, the caregivers can work on disconnected/offline mode and can see the last sync i.e. when the data was sent to the server as soon as the connectivity is restored.

The caregivers can navigate to the “My Clients” screen in the CareSmartz360 mobile app and check the emergency contact detail of the client.

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