Making it Easier to Make a Difference: 6 Ways Caresmartz is Helping the Home Care Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Strong relationships and transparent communication are the cornerstones in our home care industry. Whether it is the caregivers, clients or agencies, every individual makes this industry commendable.

Since the entire industry and world is influenced by the COVID-19 outbreak, acknowledging and supporting everyone is crucial more than ever before.
Caresmartz is in this together with you. Our COVID-19 taskforce is constantly monitoring the outbreak and making efforts to help the industry in the most unimpeachable ways.

CareSmartz360’s COVID-19 “Pre-Screening”

The safety of our clients is the utmost priority for every home care agency delivering personal care services, and we are committed to ensuring the highest level of support during this epidemic.

CareSmartz360’s COVID-19 “Pre-Screening” feature helps in quick screening of the caregivers before they begin their shift. This not only ensures the safety of the clients, but also helps agencies in monitoring the overall health of their workers in real-time.

This enables timely quarantine along with adequate measures that prevent the spread of the infection among the seniors who are at a higher risk.

COVID-19 Resource Center

Caresmartz and the entire home care community are a family that is consistently meeting the highest standards of quality care delivery.
Our new COVID-19 Resource Center is a centralized space dedicated to the entire home care community to get the latest updates, stats, and insights related to the novel coronavirus.

Agencies, caregivers, and seniors can attend webinars, get insightful resources, checklists, latest updates and guides to deal with the pandemic situation while ensuring adequate safety.

Learn From Peers and Partners with our Webinars

Caresmartz is consistently monitoring the impact of the novel coronavirus on the entire home care industry, especially the agencies offering personal care services.

After considering the major areas of concern, Caresmartz’s specialists along with home care industry experts have started knowledge sharing sessions as a way to learn more about the challenges impacting the entire home care community.

The webinars are intended to cover best practices, topics, and subjects of interest for the agencies seeking ways to streamline operations and ensure adequate safety during the pandemic.

One just needs to register themselves for the webinar and get insightful information that ensures flawless business operations during the outbreak.

12-Hour LIVE Customer Support- No Matter What

We understand that you are dealing with a lot of stuff in the most challenging ways. As the global pandemic continues to escalate, we are doing everything that we can to maintain the highest level of support from Caresmartz.

Our mission is to connect everyone, and we ensure that in this dynamic and difficult situation we’re in this together with you. Customers can reach us by calling  (855) 266-7711 or via e-mail at support@caresmartz360.com.

Free White-label Videos

We’ve taken several measures to help the entire home care industry in overcoming the challenges that may affect senior care and their safety.
Caresmartz offered free Whitelabel videos for agencies serving all states to enhance care delivery and overcoming the potential risks for clients and caregivers.

COVID-19 is not over. At Caresmartz, we’ll keep focusing on making it easier to make a difference, and providing you with the highest level of support – no matter what.

Thank You. Stay Safe!


Frequently Asked Questions Caresmartz

Caresmartz has launched a COVID-19 Resource Center to help home care agencies, caregivers, and elderly to get up-to-date information regarding the outbreak. We are consistently updating it with the latest information, helpful tips, guides, and videos for agencies & caregivers for dealing with the current situation efficiently.

We’ve taken a couple of preventive measures to minimize the risk of exposure and ensure that our employees remain safe. Caresmartz is an agile organization and we are using many virtual collaboration tools for online customer chats, virtual meetings, and virtual training.

Yes, we have suspended all business travel and several on-site engagements. We are emphasizing more on video conferencing to achieve business goals. Caresmartz is following strict guidelines released by the federal government to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, and partners.

Our bunch of enthusiastic professionals is working extremely hard to mitigate any chance of delay in implementation.

Our employees are working enthusiastically and handling operations just like before. We are confident that if any of our employees become ill, we’ll ensure that the work is quickly shifted to another proficient employee.

We are committed to delivering reliable customer support services. In such a case, we will provide you with another support manager that can help you in resolving any issues or answer your queries.

Yes, Caresmartz is committed to delivering exceptional services and we’ll be continuing our product development, its updates and support services.

Since most of our training modules are conducted online, clients can remain assured that they will receive timely implementation and adequate training.

The CareSmartz360 Pre-Screening Module enhances client safety as the caregivers are screened before they clock in to their shift. The caregiver needs to go through a questionnaire regarding their overall health, symptoms and travel history, which determines their exposure to risk.

Yes. The CareSmartz360 Pre-Screening feature screens caregivers for the proper safety of the clients and other members of the family. If a caregiver is found to be at risk, an alert is reported immediately to their employer. Agencies can then take the necessary action by seeking medical help or by quarantining the caregiver as the situation warrants.

No. You need not pay separately for CareSmartz360 Pre-Screening Module. The feature is included in the CareSmartz360 home care software itself.

The CareSmartz360 software will not let the caregiver clock in until they complete the screening. Once the screening is complete, and they are found to be fit for duty, they can continue with clocking in to their shift.

The data collected from caregivers completing the screening is stored at a single place in CareSmartz360’s agency’s dashboard. The agency can use the data to monitor risks for further care planning.

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