COVID-19 Software Update- CareSmartz360’s Pre-Screening Module for Client and Caregiver Safety

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With the global pandemic affecting diverse countries across the globe, strict measures are being adopted to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Millions of people are currently sheltering in place in their homes to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus, which is already affecting seniors and individuals with underlying health issues.

When we talk about the entire home care ecosystem, caregivers, agencies, and clients are undeniably facing a tough time due to the fear of getting infected.

CareSmartz360 understands the criticality and is consistently making efforts to ensure every individual associated with the home care industry remains safe.

As a part of our initiative to help agencies minimize the risk of virus infection among clients and caregivers, CareSmartz360 unveils the latest software release featuring a “Pre-Screening Module”.

The new feature checks that caregivers and clients aren’t infected through a series of questions.

Let’s learn how it works for, and benefits, home care agencies delivering personal care services across the United States.

What is CareSmartz360’s “Pre-Screening Module”?

Caresmartz’s COVID-19 Taskforce is continuously monitoring the pandemic across the United States and has invoked the potential of technology to screen caregivers for enhanced safety.

We understand that client safety is the utmost priority for the agencies working across the United States. Also, the importance of skilled caregivers that can handle the situation can’t be overlooked.

Our team has designed a feature that quickly screens the caregiver before their shift begins.

The caregivers delivering care to the seniors need to go through a screening to analyze their overall fitness and shun any chance of infection. This is for the safety of the clients and caregivers who are tirelessly working in this global emergency.

Caregivers need to go through a screening questionnaire before clocking-in to their shift if the feature is enabled from your (agency) end.

The feature also allows the caregivers to screen their clients to enhance their safety and take the necessary precautions while delivering care.

  • An employer can enable this feature via “Office Settings”
  • Once enabled, the caregiver receives a Prompt in the Mobile App to answer predefined questions
  • Agencies get quick notification regarding the response of the caregiver and take the necessary steps accordingly

The smart feature compiles the data into a single place where agencies can analyze and monitor the health-related updates of the caregivers and clients.

How does it Work?

The CareSmartz360’s “Pre-Screening” feature must be enabled from the employer’s end, which ensures that the caregiver cannot begin their shift until all the questions are answered.

The questions help to analyze the ones that are suspected to be infected with COVID-19. This helps agencies immediately taking the required action to help prevent the disease spread.

  • Prompts whenever a caregiver is about to clock-in for the assigned shift
  • The caregiver needs to go through a series of questions that depicts their overall health along with the probability of getting infected
  • The feature also analyzes the overall health of the clients and helps in identifying any slim chance of experiencing the symptoms
  • The entire health data of the caregiver and client is saved in the “Care History” section of the “Schedule” window, along with the caregiver’s signature
  • As soon as the answers are saved, if one or more answers are found to be affirmative, the agency is notified via email and SMS

Why is it Necessary?

As a responsible home care service provider, it is crucial for you to ensure the safety of your clients as well as caregivers who are making aging less difficult.

The current pandemic situations have undoubtedly increased the demand for skilled caregivers and agencies can’t afford their best employees to get infected with the novel coronavirus.

We know the challenges that home care agencies are currently facing and how it can surge if any of the clients of the caregiver are infected. We are continuously helping home care agencies and caregivers deal with the critical situation by ensuring adequate preventive measures.

There can be chances that an individual with a travel history of the affected country that may infect a caregiver, which can be further spread into other employees of the agency.

Things may sound normal but eventually can impact the whole community if adequate measures aren’t taken on time.

Caresmartz is always concerned about the safety of its clients and ensures every possible measure that aids in improving operations and maintaining the highest quality of care.

  • Identifies any suspect in the earlier stages
  • Potential COVID-19 patients can be identified and quarantined on time
  • Saves clients from any chance of contamination
  • Saves caregivers from any chance of contamination
  • Helps agencies in keeping an overall health track of the suspects

Who all Benefits?

We are consistently helping home care agencies that are relying on CareSmartz360 home care management solutions for enhanced care delivery.

Our COVID-19 taskforce is ensuring agencies are getting the right information that helps them in managing critical situations and minimizing the loss during this critical time.

This feature benefits home care agencies that are already stuck in the epidemic situation and seeking ways to get enough productivity and streamline their processes.

While CareSmartz360’s “Quick scheduling” and “Caregiver Management” capabilities empowered by “Electronic Visit Verification” have already made things easy: the “Pre-Screening” feature ensured adequate safety for the clients and caregivers.

It is best to take every preventive measure that can minimize the contamination risk and the latest release of CareSmartz360 is undoubtedly playing a crucial role in the same.

The Crux

The home care industry is surely the most affected industry after the home health industry due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is the time when we can’t neglect the importance and the contribution of every individual associated with this industry to save the lives of every senior without risking their own life.

CareSmartz360 is consistently making every effort to ensure that home care agencies work flawlessly with minimal loss during this pandemic.

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