The Significance of Home Care Providers during the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has tremendously altered the conventional personal care services and everyone out there is currently in a situation of panic. Whilst nothing is alarming, one just needs to follow the mandatory precautions.

The major impact of the novel coronavirus is on the seniors who are eventually at a higher risk of developing some severe symptoms. Personal care providers must ensure adequate safety of elderly individuals without ignoring their health.

With other pandemics in the past, the COVID-19 is undeniably precarious, which is perhaps the reason why home care agencies are emphasizing the safety of their clients and caregivers.

Since the nature of the virus has caused turndown of the home care services, there’s a slim chance for agencies to get affected with the same. People aren’t allowing personal care providers to enter their home as they fear the chance of contamination from the ones who may be caring for someone with COVID-19 symptoms.

It won’t be wrong to say that the corona outbreak is depicting the crucial role of non-medical home care services for the entire society, which can’t be neglected by the policymakers.

Home Care Industry – Playing the Major Role in the Epidemic

As per the medical experts, the private duty caregivers are the ones who are dealing with the situations with full exposure to contamination after the doctors and medical staff.

Several reports have showcased the increasing need for efficient caregivers that can deal with the critical health conditions of the elderly without risking the spread of infection.

This is undoubtedly the time when lawmakers should consider the efforts and importance of non-medical care providers just like the ones delivering medical services. This not only boosts the morale of the caregivers but also helps in maintaining the substantial respect of the caregivers in society.

When we talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, the burden on caregivers at this time when there’s a shortage of personal protective equipment like gloves, facial masks, and sanitizers can’t be neglected.

Every individual bound to deliver quality care to the seniors with or without coronavirus symptoms is already at a higher risk of getting contaminated. Also, they have to ensure that they follow precautions so that they don’t act as a career for the virus and infect other clients.

With long shift hours and tireless efforts in maintaining hygiene, caregivers are the ones who are providing support and care in the right way.

What Role Home Care Agencies are playing?

Home care agencies are also seen to actively play their significant role in ensuring better care for the seniors during the pandemic. Whether it is the supply of essentials or adequate information circulation, home care organizations are doing a remarkable job to minimize the effect of COVID-19 on home care delivery services.

Personal Protective Equipment Supply

One of the major aspects that home care agencies are precisely monitoring and handling is the supply of personal protective equipment for caregivers. These include:

  • Face Masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Personal Hygiene Gear

Since there’s a shortage in the supply, the agencies are trying hard to maintain adequate safety for the caregivers and seniors who are at a higher risk of developing the symptoms.

Also, the agencies are monitoring the severe cases in which the elderly are facing symptoms that are similar to that of COVID-19. If any caregiver is facing such symptoms, proper measures are considered along with adequate medical attention.

Caregiver Training

Every home care agency is focusing on efficient training of the caregivers who are dealing with the ones with coronavirus as well as for the ones who are at a higher risk of developing the symptoms.

The caregivers are provided every single detail associated with the symptoms, care delivery, maintaining proper precautions, and providing mental support. These aspects contribute to the overall safety of seniors and caregivers who are tirelessly working for the ones who are aging at their place.

Managing Demand of Caregivers

There’s a significant surge in the demand for personal care service providers after the outbreak. This has influenced the demand and supply of caregivers that can manage the situation and deliver optimum care.

There are several challenges associated with care delivery services including- caregiver burnout, stress, sickness, and dealing with patients with other severe medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

How Lawmakers could Help?

Lawmakers or policymakers should understand the need to impose some relief in the policies for home care organizations delivering personal care services.

Paid leaves along with some monetary benefits should be a part of the policy especially when the entire United States is facing the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, there’s a need to revise the policies for the non-medical caregiver payrolls, which is perhaps the reason why most of the states are facing issues related to caregiver retention and turnover.

Caregivers are always seeking a secure future, which is the reason most of them change their domain in the first year of joining as a caregiver.


The current demand for caregivers delivering non-medical care services is expected to surge soon. This indicates an immediate alteration in the current policies that can improve caregiver turnover rates.

Apart from this, agencies must follow the guidelines offered by the federal government and CDC to ensure that both the clients and caregivers remain safe during this critical time.

Source: homehealthcarenews.com

Disclaimer: The details mentioned above are collected from official sources like CDC & WHO and is for informational purpose only. It does not depict the editor’s and publisher’s views.

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