COVID-19 Outbreak- Caresmartz Consistently Putting Efforts to Help Home Care Industry

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The entire world is unswervingly fighting against the novel coronavirus and every effort is being made to bring life back on track.

While the COVID-19 outbreak has affected the economy of the United States; every industry including home care is facing challenges like never before.

Caresmartz understands that this time is crucial for the ones who are on the frontline of the battle against the novel coronavirus. We are steadily making efforts to help home care agencies, caregivers, and their clients to deal with the situation efficiently.

Caresmartz is playing a crucial role during the pandemic to ensure quality care is delivered to the seniors without any compromise to the safety of the caregivers.

Caresmartz’s COVID-19 Taskforce

We’ve formed a COVID-19 task force that is dedicatedly monitoring the current outbreak in the diverse states of the United States.

Our biggest concern is to ensure that home care agencies being the most affected organizations should be able to manage operations and meet the ever-increasing demand of caregivers during this critical time.

Furthermore, Caresmartz has deployed enough staff members to offer adequate support services for the agencies that are facing challenges in managing care for the elderly that are suspected or are having the infection.

As a responsible home care technology partner, Caresmartz is spreading awareness for its clients that are delivering personal care services across the United States.

Also, we aren’t leaving any stone unturned in guiding the caregivers and clients regarding the pandemic and ways to handle care delivery.

Since we’re completely relying on the latest stats and guidelines offered by CDC and the WHO, home care agencies find our information quite reliable and witnessing considerable help during this tough time.

How We’re Assisting Home Care Agencies

We are completely aware of the challenges that home care agencies are currently facing and we are making sure that we can offer them the required information and guidance to deal with the pandemic.

Major Areas of Challenge:

  • Shortage of qualified staff
  • Inadequate information circulating about coronavirus
  • Managing an adequate supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Implementing the official guidelines related to federal government waivers
  • Lack of information to manage the risk and minimize loss
  • Dealing with the myths associated with COVID-19

How Caresmartz is Helping:

  • By regularly providing COVID-19 updates
  • Ensuring the agencies get timely information about Home Care & Hospice Waivers
  • Providing detailed guidelines for the agencies to manage staff and streamline operations
  • Offering white-label videos for agencies to aware their caregivers and clients regarding the outbreak, preventive measures, and managing PPE
  • Busting the myths associated with COVID-19
  • Providing a checklist for agencies to consider while planning a care plan
  • Ensuring every agency is efficiently managing the demand and supply of caregivers with effective planning
  • Providing information about the importance of communication with caregivers and clients
  • Sharing information about CareSmartz360 and how it can help agencies streamline their processes to minimize the loss
  • Informing about the importance of connecting with the local medical helpline to get ready for any kind of emergency

How We’re Assisting Caregivers

Caregivers are undoubtedly the frontline warriors that are emphasizing both their family responsibilities as well as social liability.

One cannot imagine the role a caregiver is playing other than the ones that are in the home care industry itself.

Caresmartz understands that this is a critical and the most challenging time for the caregivers that are already working hard enough to deliver quality care with adequate safety.

Major Areas of Challenge:

  • Shortage of PPE(Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Fear of getting contaminated while caring for the suspected seniors
  • Availing paid leaves
  • Managing care for the ones with a critical condition
  • Meeting the demands of seniors seeking help for daily chores
  • Timely scheduling of shifts
  • Maintaining healthy hand hygiene
  • Caring for the ones with COVID-19 symptoms
  • Managing care for their families and prioritizing care delivery

How Caresmartz is Helping:

  • Updating the right information about the use of PPE
  • Guiding the agencies to manage the supply of PPE by considering a vendor tie-up
  • Sharing latest details on federal government’s waivers for home care and hospice
  • Providing information about paid leaves policy revisions of the agencies
  • Offering efficient ways to prioritizing care for the elderly
  • Guiding the caregivers regarding the merits of delivering remote care and assistance
  • How to practice and maintain social distancing
  • Caring for the ones with severe health conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  • Helping caregivers to opt for flexible shifts by offering related information
  • Sharing the importance of maintaining hand hygiene
  • How to deal with an emergency
  • Depicting the role of CareSmartz360 home care solution for hassle-free updates and timely scheduling
  • Minimizing time & efforts to save records using CareSmartz360

How We’re Assisting Clients

Since the elderly are the ones who are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms and medical conditions due to COVID-19 infection, it is crucial to ensure proper safety of the seniors.

When we talk about the ones with special needs that can’t be served with a couple of hours of shift, the real challenge for the caregivers surges rapidly.

Clients also need to take adequate preventive measures to ensure they aren’t affected by the infection and remain safe at their place without even compromising the safety of the caregiver.

Major Areas of Challenge:

  • There’s a situation of panic among elderly
  • Most of the elderly are believing in myths associated with COVID-19
  • Seniors aren’t aware of the importance of social distancing
  • Lack of knowledge of using PPE for safety
  • No knowledge about the importance of healthy diet and timely medication

How Caresmartz is Helping:

  • Ensuring the elderly that there’s no need to panic and COVID-19 can be prevented and treated
  • Busting the myths associated with COVID-19 and its cure & prevention
  • We shared detailed information regarding the preventive measures and importance of social distancing
  • Requesting seniors to stay at home and seek caregiver’s help for outdoor tasks
  • Ways to sanitize home and areas that are frequently touched and using PPE
  • Encouraging seniors about the role of a healthy diet and timely medication
  • Sharing isolation-related guidelines

We at Caresmartz are entirely prioritizing consistent monitoring of the situation and serving our clients in the best possible ways. One can reach us for detailed information regarding any aspect associated with COVID-19 and its impact on the home care industry.

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COVID-19 Recommendations for Home Care Clients

Also, we are continuously updating CareSmartz360 software to ensure enhanced user experience that aids quality care delivery for the caregivers working tirelessly to make aging less difficult.

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